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Are you sick and tired of waiting for websites to show up on the screen? Do you often have to browse through sites with images missing or the incessant spinning wheel that lets you know that your browser is doing all that it can to load the site?

This issue becomes even graver because our lives are now entirely dependent on the internet.  From our smarter-than-ever homes to TVs, security systems and air conditioners, many home appliances would work a lot better with a fast and efficient internet connection to power them.

This is why, in today’s day and age, Americans need an internet connection that doesn’t lag. Downtimes are deal-breakers! But you don’t have to worry about any of that as long as Desert Winds Wireless is on your side.

If you are looking to install a new connection or upgrade to a better internet provider in Pasco, check our services. As one of the leading broadband service providers in Pasco, we offer reliable connectivity and superfast speeds.

We provide wireless internet service in Pasco, Richland, and other South-Eastern Washington areas. This means that you don’t have to wait for an agent to show with miles and miles of cable and install your internet over several days.

Our wireless solutions ensure that your internet services can be deployed immediately. Stream content without delays, play latency-free high res games, handle workflows efficiently, and do a lot more!

Advantages Of Having Fast Internet At Home In Pasco
Remember, the best internet service providers in Pasco offer cost-effective packages, unlimited bandwidth, and no latency. If that’s what you are looking for, why not check out our residential packages that promise not to burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s delve in explore the benefits of investing in a fast Internet connection for your home:
Gaming And Entertainment Become More Immersive Than Ever
Many forms of entertainment solely depend on fast Internet as a slow connection would leave you hanging. For instance, you get the option to stream music and videos (free and paid) — Spotify, YouTube Music are popular audio options. You can also watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  Plus, YouTube Kids has some of the best kid-friendly content your children can enjoy without coming across something inappropriate. These options are only viable with a good connection. Otherwise, you get frustrated seeing the loading screen after every few minutes. Likewise, dependable Broadband internet providers in Pasco and Kennewick let you play games to their full potential on a good system. You’ll love the experience of playing DOOM or SpacePlan online – the resolution is spot on and latency is very low. Even if you play games offline, you still need high-speed Internet to download files and run updates. Slow internet means that you’ll probably have to wait several hours before you can start playing.
Working From Home – Let Good Internet Help Streamline Your Tasks
Working remotely is a lot of fun – you don’t have to worry about the commute, backbiting colleagues, or sitting late at the office. But that’s only when your internet connection at home is powerful enough to keep you connected with your team at all times. You’ll probably need to attend video calls and virtual meetings where you can talk to your colleagues and bosses in real-time. And a lousy internet connection makes these calls a royal pain! This is not the time to experiment with internet service providers in Pasco – your career depends on the strength of their services. Instead, give us a call! But before that, run a quick speed check on your existing internet to know that they really aren’t providing you the speeds they promised.
Click Here to check your internet speed and then get in touch with us to get the best internet you’ve ever had!
Speedy Internet Empowers Researchers And Academics
Schools are now shifting away from pen and paper and focusing more on innovating curriculums that can be taught remotely. Thanks to LMS (learning management system) and dedicated CMS, students can now study and access material as and when they please. Nowadays, virtual degrees have also gained popularity — lectures, coursework, tests, and everything else is handled online. This is why an impeccable connection is of utmost importance. Imagine giving your finals, and the connection drops. Scary, right? In a nutshell, student’s need the Internet to:
  • Access digital libraries to broaden their horizons
  • Complete assignments
  • Conduct research to finish projects
  • Access online resources via the school’s dedicated LMS
  • And so on!
Being a student, you need affordable internet services in Pasco, Othello, or elsewhere in States that provide superfast speeds, despite being pocket-friendly.
Our Service Plan Costs As Low As $8.95 A Month, Check It Out here!
Benefits Of High-speed Internet In Pasco For Businesses
Businesses are not more dependent on the Internet, then ever before. From using multiple SaaS platforms to saving files over the cloud to using task management software and dedicated CMS — things will come to a standstill without Internet.
Check Out Desert Wind Wireless’s Business Services That Can Help Enhance Your Infrastructure And Empower Your People To Do More
Here are some of the many advantages of having a  superfast, reliable internet service in Pasco like Desert Winds Wireless:
Superfast Speeds
You have plenty of options on connection types, like fiber-optic cable, DSL, copper internet connection, or wireless. The speeds derived from fiber-optic cables are the best, and they remain static at all times. Typically, packages start from 5 MBPS and go as high as 100 GBPS. Speeds on other connections may suffer over time. You may think a slightly slower connection makes little to no difference; however that isn’t true, it adds up, and overall your team ends up wasting many potentially productive hours owing to slow load times. We believe productivity should never suffer, which is why, unlike other wireless internet services in Pasco, Desert Winds Wireless connections are relatively stagnant. Thanks to our strategically placed broadcast communications towers – speeds remain fast – and the link never breaks. To up our services, we are investing in 5G wireless technologies and have partnered with Benton and Franklin PUDs to deploy fiber-optic connections in Richland and NoaNet.
Cloud Accessibility
By 2021, 94% of internet workload will be handled in the cloud.  Companies across the globe are more focused on using cloud-based technologies. For example, new age CRMs and CMS are cloud-based—they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Likewise, companies store their data in the cloud. If anything goes wrong on the primary server, the cloud backup can recover files and folders. If the connection at hand is slow, accessing the cloud, uploading files, and running software can be challenging. However, if you turn to a reliable internet service provider in Pasco like us, who comes recommended for astounding speeds, cloud access won’t be a problem. We have no data, bandwidth, or latency caps — you get what you paid for. With Desert Winds Wireless in your corner, you can access cloud-hosted apps without any delays. Also, creating backups and restoring from those backups could not be quicker; plus, everything is handled in the background, so there are no disruptions in workflows. Contact Our Customer Service Team To Know What Package Is Right For You

Dependable Services

Among the different connection types, the fiber-optic Internet is the most reliable of the lot. It can sustain in all-weather conditions,  no matter the severity. Whereas copper-based cables can suffer in freezing weather, and the seen speeds may deter over time. Likewise, satellite cables have data caps and location-based issues that distort reach and speed. As a leading broadband service provider in Pasco, wireless Internet from Desert Winds Wireless is dependable. Our strategically placed broadcast communications towers ensure that you can get uninterrupted around the clock accessibility at constant high speeds. Plus, we are investing in 5G and fiber-optic deployment. We are aware of how troublesome unplanned downtimes can be—productivity goes down, virtual meetings get canceled, tasks start piling up, etc. With us in your corner, such concerns would be the least of your worries. On the off chance you aren’t getting the right speed or face connectivity issues, call us, and we will get it sorted at the earliest.
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Better Bandwidth
Though it is not as common as before, many Internet providers in Pasco have bandwidth caps. If many users utilize the same connection or transfer data, surpassing the limit is entirely possible. Many tasks demand high bandwidth, such as accessing cloud-based applications, streaming HD content, sharing sizeable files, carrying out video conferences, etc. If you feel the speed isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be, or if videos get pixelated, you have possibly reached the bandwidth limit. That’s said, if your current connection is not fulfilling your bandwidth needs – either go for a better package – or change your ISP. If you subscribe to our services, this won’t be a problem at all. We have no caps, what so ever.
Simultaneous Operations
Nowadays, it is quite common for people to juggle between different tasks; you may be making a call while uploading a file and running a Saas application. And you want to do all this without any mishaps owing to speed constraints. Thankfully, top internet providers in Pasco like Desert Winds Wireless feature Symmetric Speed. This means we provide equal download and upload times, no matter the usage.
Almost No Latency Issues
Latency refers to delays in the data processing – from the time you click – until the system reverts. As stated earlier, Desert Winds Wireless ensures that our customers never face the frustration of delayed results. With us as your ISP in Pasco, you can experience
  • Use more cloud-based applications
  • Clear, crisp VoIP
  • Improver collaboration
  • Download and upload sizeable files
  • And a lot more!
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Check Out What Our Customer’s Say!
Enhanced Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity concerns are raised by many; you will be surprised to know that every 3.75 seconds, one  DDoS attack happens. You may think that files and folders can be recovered from cloud backups, but that doesn’t keep you protected. Attackers can cause harm if they gain access to your private files. And with traditional Internet, they can do so via cable tapping fairly easily. Thankfully cable tapping is not an issue with wireless Internet or fiber-optic connections, which is our forte. Obviously, it would help if you kept strong case-sensitive passwords and deploy robust software to safeguard against cyber-attacks. Still, your ISP also plays a role by masking your activities from prying eyes.
Got Questions And Concerns Regarding Safety? Reach Out To Our Support Staff!
Amazing Savings
Popular belief coins speedy connections to be expensive, but that is far from the truth. Sure, subscription rates may be higher as opposed to a 4 MB DSL connection, but the seen benefits are priceless. Thanks to high-speed Internet in Pasco, employees work at their full potential without stressing on slow net speeds. Interruptions are next to none when sharing files, video conferences are spot-on, and cloud accessibility is instant. That said, the rates we offer are quite reasonable, and if you require something above and beyond our custom packages — we can tailor one for you.
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Whether at home or work, you can’t do without fast Internet. Try Googling “Reliable internet service providers in Pasco,” and Desert Winds Wireless will be among the top results. That’s because we know your internet needs better than anyone else and actively seek ways to enhance your experience. And our customer service department is always standing by to help you out.
Check out the services we offer, and feel free to contact us for queries, deployment requests, and quotes!
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