Business Service

Business & Commercial Wireless Internet

At Desert Winds Wireless, we are aggressively investing in the future when it comes to advanced broadband technology for our customers! We are steadfast in our commitment to deliver proven, successful solutions to business owners! Our objective is to ensure that all businesses enjoy the enormous benefits of superior broadband service.

In that regard, Desert Winds Wireless is allocating extensive research into next-generation technologies to ensure we effectively meet the ever-increasing demands for faster Internet services. So we are investing in 5G wireless technologies that will deliver multiple gigabytes of data to our business and commercial customers!

In an effort to extend faster Internet to all our customers, Desert Winds Wireless is partnering with Benton and Franklin PUDs, the city of Richland, and NoaNet to bring fiber optic deployments to businesses!

Our investment in wireless, fiber, and 5G wireless technologies will help to ensure our business customers receive outstanding business Internet service. Desert Winds Wireless intends to continue to be the preferred choice for commercial wireless Internet access!

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