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Desert Winds Wireless Support System

Our support system at Desert Winds Wireless is extensive and practical so you can get the right help you need quickly and easily. With large and easy-to-use icons, you can select the exact tech support in the fastest time possible for your broadband Internet and cable service issues!

Many of our customers opt for self-help troubleshooting. Whether you are a residential or a business customer, we provide a simple and efficient process for you to get answers to your questions on your own time, resulting in the least disruption possible to your busy personal schedule.

Email Support

What does our customer support cover?

Everything from start-up procedures like setting up your modem and help with activating your Internet services to locating your wireless settings without the modem sticker, to creating and checking your email account. Our popular support tools enable you to get help with such basic tasks as establishing passwords and downloading security software.

Look to our self-help support center to learn how to improve the performance of your wireless connection. We can also help you diagnose your phone or Internet problem in a fast and easy manner so you can get on to enjoying our state-of-the-art broadband Internet.

Our support tools include the convenient option of our Internet Speed Test that allows you to quickly determine how fast your upload and download speeds are. You can also use our Internet Speed Test to find out why your WiFi is not performing to optimal standards.

Desert Winds Wireless support enables you to establish modem compatibility to ensure you are connected to the technology best suited for your community! Contact us to find out the technology that serves your specific location. In the meantime, you have the peace of mind of knowing that Desert Winds Wireless tests its modems rigorously so you experience the best quality broadband Internet available!

Support Inquiries

These same problems and more can be addressed by engaging one of our highly trained and friendly Chat agents. Get your tech problem resolved quickly and easily with the aid of our on-line agents!

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