Internet Provider in Chewelah, WA

Internet Service Provider Chewelah, WA

Wireless Internet Service in Chewelah.

There are many benefits to living a rural lifestyle. High-speed internet access often isn’t one of them. With Desert Winds Wireless, you don’t have to sacrifice fast, affordable internet service!

Our extensive network of broadcast towers provides reliable, high-speed internet throughout many areas of Kennewick and the surrounding areas. We have flexible, customizable plans for both business and residential customers.

  • Fast, reliable wireless internet service

  • No phone line or cable connection required

  • No data limits or caps

  • Network of broadcast towers provide maximum coverage

  • Customizable plans for business & residential service

  • Exceptional customer service with local technicians


$ 29
  • 3 Meg
  • 1 Meg Upload
Will stream Netflix or similar services in standard-definition resolutions.
$ 50
  • 5 Meg
  • 1 Meg Upload
Can stream Netflix at good quality.
$ 69
  • 10 Meg
  • 3 Meg Upload
Suggested for the best quality streaming of Netflix

Installation fee based on contract length:

1 Year: $100 Residential | $150 Business
2 year: $49.99 Residential | $99.99 Business
No Contract: $150 Residential | $200 Business

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wE Care Service Plan​

Only $8.95/MO

  • All In-Home Service Calls FREE!

  • Expedited In-Home Service

  • Gaming Systems and Mobile Device Support

  • Router Support and Configuration

  • Cable Moves and Repair

  • Computer Network Support

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