Internet Provider In Kennewick, WA

Kennewick High Speed internet

Wireless Internet Service in Kennewick.

There are many benefits to living a rural lifestyle. High-speed internet access often isn’t one of them. With Desert Winds Wireless, you don’t have to sacrifice fast, affordable internet service in Kennewick, WA!

That’s why at Desert Winds Wireless we strive to be the premier internet provider in Kennewick, WA. Internet in Kennewick can often be hit or miss, so we work tirelessly to minimize downtime while maximizing speed.

Our extensive network of broadcast towers provides reliable, high-speed internet throughout many areas of Kennewick and the surrounding areas. We have flexible, customizable plans for both business and residential customers. So if you’re struggling with reliable internet service in Kennewick, WA, see more people are choosing Desert Winds Wireless as their internet provider.

  • Fast, reliable wireless internet service - Kennewick, WA

  • No phone line or cable connection required

  • No data limits or caps

  • Network of broadcast towers provide maximum coverage

  • Customizable plans for business & residential service

  • Exceptional customer service with local technicians


$ 29
  • 2 Mbit Down
  • 1 Mbit Up
Will stream Netflix or similar services in standard-definition resolutions.
$ 49
  • 4 Mbit Down
  • 1 Mbit Up
Can stream Netflix at good quality.
$ 69
  • 5 Mbit Down
  • 1.5 Mbit Up
Suggested for the best quality streaming of Netflix
  • 8 Mbit Down
  • 1.5 Mbit Up
Recommended for multiple HD streams of Netflix or similar service.

Installation fee based on contract length:

1 Year: $100 Residential | $150 Business
2 year: $49.99 Residential | $99.99 Business
No Contract: $150 Residential | $200 Business

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wE Care Service Plan​

Only $8.95/MO

  • All In-Home Service Calls FREE!

  • Expedited In-Home Service

  • Gaming Systems and Mobile Device Support

  • Router Support and Configuration

  • Cable Moves and Repair

  • Computer Network Support

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