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Othello's Premium High-Speed Internet Provider

Othello's Premium High-Speed Internet Provider for Working from Home

After making a foray into Pasco and the tri-state area, Desert Winds now provides premium high-speed internet service in Othello and the Adams county area.

Living in Othello, Richland, or any town in rural Washington, is a lovely experience.

But a bad dial-up internet connection can ruin that experience fairly quickly. Unlike Portland or Seattle, small-town Pacific Northwest isn’t getting get high-speed internet fast enough. Watching a simple YouTube video takes ages, and it is often impossible to make a Skype call that doesn’t buffer.

And who can forget sitting through the ordeal of a slow download?

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait much longer. Even the remotest areas in the US have made the switch to high-speed internet, and Washington state is now leading the game!

Washington state ranked ninth in the US when it came to internet speeds with an average download speed of 106.65 Mbps and an upload speed of 25.76 Mbps. But thankfully, now it’s possible to find internet providers in Othello and rural towns of Washington that offer high-speed internet.

Why Do You Need Fast Internet If You Work From Home?

Fast internet service is essential when working from home. You may think you can make do with residential internet from just any internet service provider in Othello. But, it’s going to cost you in productivity, time, and revenues.

What’s fast internet speed?

Well, that depends.

Fast internet offers bandwidth needed to use the internet smoothly without any interruptions or buffering. We would rank 30Mbps as an excellent speed to start with for regular home usage. However, if you work from home, play online games, or stream many videos, you might need higher speeds.

Let’s explore why a high-speed internet connection is a valuable investment for your work from home operations.

Cloud Accessibility

More companies are opting for cloud computing.

What is cloud computing exactly? It’s the delivery of on-demand computing services from data storage to applications.

Companies use cloud computing to save up on IT costs. Whenever you use Netflix or Gmail, that is cloud computing at work. But that’s on an individual level. Many organizations host all their data on the cloud.

Are you a business owner thinking of making the switch to cloud computing? It’s time you consider getting yourself fast internet. Your home internet may work fast enough for Netflix but certainly not for cloud operations.  Desert Winds prides itself on being the few internet service providers in Othello with speeds compatible with cloud computing.


Uninterrupted internet connection is vital if you work from home. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard that the customer is king. Well, you cannot afford to leave your customer hanging when running an online business. If you don’t accept an order, respond to their queries, or deliver on time because of slow internet- the customer won’t bother giving you their business in the future.

Even as a work from home employee, smooth, uninterrupted communication is necessary. You can’t afford to send your work late or exclude yourself from conference calls because of unreliable, slow internet. Your bosses will only oblige you for so long.

Desert Winds Wireless is one of the top internet providers in Othello, Kennewick, and south-eastern Washington. You can work remotely anywhere in the United States with our high-speed internet in Othello.

Desert Winds covers many rural areas in Eastern Washington. Check if your area is covered here.

Peace Of Mind

All of us have experienced slow internet at some point in our life. You know how frustrating it can get. And as a freelancer or entrepreneur working from home, you already have enough on your plate. You’re probably multitasking- taking calls while editing a piece and uploading a file. A weak, slow internet is not something you want to add to your problems.

Fast, reliable internet can be a blessing for both employees and employers. Smooth, uninterrupted communications make for streamlined business operations. Our users routinely rank Desert Winds Wireless as the best internet company in Othello for precisely this reason.

To avail Othello’s Premium High-Speed Internet, contact our customer representatives.

Better Cybersecurity

Keeping data safe from cyberattacks is the highest priority for organizations that are based online. You’d be surprised to know there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.

It’s naïve to think that backing up your data will keep you safe. If your data lands in the wrong hands, it can put you in a precarious financial and legal situation. Getting access to personal files is easy with cable tapping and it happens too often not to be a concern.

 With our wireless and fiber-optic connections, cable tapping is not something you need to worry about. Desert Winds is the safest wireless internet service in Othello and the Pasco Kennewick metropolitan area.

Low Latency

Latency is the time between a click and the resulting response—for instance, the delay between clicking on a page and when it loads. High latency can be frustrating, especially if you’re video calling or gaming.

When choosing an internet service provider, you want one that offers the least latency. If you’re working from home, accumulated latency can waste time you could have spent in more productive ways.

Out of the many broadband internet providers in Othello, Desert Winds Wireless offers the least latency

Increased Bandwidth

Bandwidth is critical when talking about internet speeds. Unfortunately, many internet providers have a bandwidth limit on all their internet connections, and their clients don’t even know about it!

A bandwidth limit may work for home use, but it’s just not feasible for work from home operations. There’s no limit to video calls, uploaded files, downloads when working from home.

If your videos start getting pixelated or your speed does not seem to be moving past a certain point, you may have reached your bandwidth limit.

For that, it’s necessary to choose your ISP wisely. Among the many broadband internet providers in Othello, some ISPs have a bandwidth limit while some don’t. Desert Winds does not have any bandwidth caps whatsoever!

We deliver affordable internet services and we call ourselves Othello’s Premium High-Speed Internet Provider with exceptional speeds and high bandwidth. Our wEcare service plan starts from $8.95.

How To Deal With Slow Wi-Fi Internet

As annoying as slow Wi-Fi can be, there are a few troubleshooting measures to make things better.

Run A Speed Test

The first and foremost thing to do is to check your internet speeds with our speed test feature. It’s likely that you’re not getting the speed you’re paying for. Assess your internet plan to see if it fits your usage.

You might be praying for sub-par internet that is not delivering if you’re not getting the speed your plan promises. Or maybe your internet plan just doesn’t fit your extensive usage. In that case, you should upgrade to a better plan and ISP.

Of all the internet providers in Othello, Desert Winds provides the best internet speeds! That’s not just a promise but a certified fact. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Reset Your Modem And Router

Sometimes, a quick fix like turning your router off and turning it back on can solve your problem. If all other devices are working fine besides your device, the problem might be in your device rather than the modem. Try restarting it to see if the problem goes away. Usually, it does!

If you’re paying for high-speed internet but still not getting the speeds, the problem could be in your router or device. An old wireless- n device will never give you the swiftness of a newer wireless ac router. Also, outdated laptops and mobiles can be a pain when it comes to internet speeds. Even if you have the best internet provider in Othello, you’re still going to get slow internet on a Pentium desktop.

Fix Your Signals

Your router may be perfectly fine, and your internet plan may be top-notch, but you might still be facing speed problems. The culprit could be weak Wi-Fi signals.

You will need to reposition or tweak your Wi-Fi device. Obstacles in the device path can block signals. Even the best broadband service provider in Othello can’t do much if your Wi-Fi device is faulty or wrongly placed.

 If even that not work, you might need to buy a booster device for your router.

Turn Off Bandwidth Consuming Apps

File syncing apps like Google Drive and Dropbox work even in the background. They might be moving and syncing data in the background, eating up on your precious bandwidth.

It’s better to turn them off during busy times, turn them on later or schedule their syncing for night-time when you’re not consuming bandwidth. Digital streaming apps like Spotify and Netflix can also eat into your bandwidth. Try to limit and tweak their download and upload rates.

Try A New DNS Server

Computers use DNS servers to look up and translate URL addresses into computer-friendly IP addresses. A recurring cause of slow internet is a DNS server facing issues or has gone down temporarily.

A better-optimized DNS server can boost your internet speed. You might not notice it as the average loading time would not drastically change, but when it comes to internet speeds, even milliseconds make a difference.

Your ISP assigns you DNS servers, but they may not always be the most optimal for your requirements. Some fast and free DNS servers you can use are Google DNS, Quad9, and Cloudflare. When choosing an internet provider in Othello, make

Optimize Your Web

You’re at the local Starbucks in Othello, and the slow speed of the Wi-Fi is killing you inside. You can’t reposition the router or move to another table. What do you do?

You can optimize your web for a more challenging connection.

Try using a data-saving browser like Opera Mini or Chrome’s Lite Mode or change the settings on your browser. Also, use offline modes in apps; just remember to activate them beforehand. Doing this will help you access documents even when you have a very slow connection.

If you need to get work done on a slow connection, try and prioritize your tasks. Classify your tasks on how bandwidth heavy they are. Get the bandwidth-light ones done on the slow connection and keep the bandwidth-heavy ones for later when you connect to a Desert Winds Wireless network.

The Best Internet Provider In Othello

Having a fast internet connection is essential for your work from home operations. You may think it might not matter much, but even milliseconds can accumulate to hours’ worth of lost time. And all that does not spell good for your work.

But You don’t need to look any further for your internet solutions.

Desert Winds is the premium wireless internet provider in South-eastern Washington. Get a quote for a new connection or contact our representative for further queries!

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Othello's Premium High-Speed Internet Provider



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