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What Makes us Kennewick, WA’s Finest Internet Service Provider?

These days, all our favorite technologies require a wired or wireless internet connection — from our smart homes, phones, computers to our security systems and more. Do you remember the good old days when we had to use dial-up internet in Kennewick, Pasco, and surrounding areas? Remember how daunting it was to connect to the internet with a dedicated phone line?

Back then, downloading a HD or Blu-ray movie, streaming a YouTube video, or e-mailing a small 200 MB Zip file took hours and days. Well, you no longer need to be frustrated because of internet speeds and connectivity because now we have better options.

If you are looking for the best Internet service provider in Kennewick, check out the packages offered by Desert Winds Wireless. Our internet services require no phone lines, nor are they location-specific. The best part is that we provide high-speed connectivity precisely as advertised. Desert Winds Wireless can power multiple web-based devices and applications at once; you won’t face any latency issues, stream movies at the click of a button, and do much more! 

Benefits Of Having Fast Internet In Kennewick

The internet is now an integral part of our lives and businesses, this is why it’s crucial to choose a fast internet connection that not only fulfills your need for speed but is also secure and reliable. Desert Winds Wireless delivers on all counts, and  we also offer several other advantages over other internet services in the area.

Let’s explore some of the many benefits you can reap: 

Better Reliability

It goes without saying, you need reliable internet service in Kennewick that doesn’t give up while you are trying to get through a Zoom meeting. 

So why not trust a fiber-optic connection to fulfill your needs? While expensive, it is known to withstand all weather conditions and provide excellent range and speeds. Or you could choose a copper or DSL connection, but know that copper wires aren’t the best in severe weather. Another option to get is wireless internet from a broadband service provider in Kennewick – a cable-less, phone-less connection – that uses strategically placed broadcast communications towers to establish a connection.

Quick Cloud Access

In recent times, the usage of cloud-based applications has increased manifold. With superfast internet speeds, accessing cloud applications is easier than ever. According to the RightScale® State Of TheCloudReport from Flexera, 94% of companies use cloud, where public cloud adoption is at 91%, whereas private cloud adoption is 72%.

Faster Backups And Restoration

If you enjoy fast wireless internet services in Kennewick, Richland, or elsewhere in South-Eastern Washington, you no longer need to be worried about the safety of your critical data. It becomes easier than ever to schedule automatic backups that activate at the assigned time.

The best part is that these backups happen in the background, and the internet speed remains unaffected; therefore, workflows never get affected.

Better Security

Better cybersecurity is a growing concern for many. Nearly 80,000 cyber-attacks per day were reported during a year, which mandates the need for reinforced data and network security to safeguard your customers and employees.

Besides keeping strong passwords and putting up robust software to combat cyber-attacks, having a secure internet connection also matters.

Multiple User Access

The digital age has augmented our dependency on many devices — phones, tablets, laptops, smart devices, etc. All these devices require a fast connection to function.

Whether you are a family of five or have several employees working for you — you need multiple user support from your internet connection.

Faster Speeds For Better Workflow

With faster broadband internet providers in Kennewick, the stress that comes with a slow connection is no longer a concern. 

Websites open with a click, downloads, and uploads take minutes and not hours, and work gets done on time, every time, plus, employees can easily collaborate over faster internet.

Cost-Effective Technologies

You may think that better internet speeds translate to more subscription fees; well, you aren’t considering the bigger picture. With fast internet and next to no downtime, workflows remain seamless, and security concerns are significantly reduced. That’s said, productivity increases, leading to better returns; overall, putting up fast-internet is a cost-effective solution. 

We Offer Affordable Internet Services In Kennewick And Across South-Eastern Washington. If You Subscribe To Our Residential Or Business Services, You Can Reap All The Benefits Detailed Above!

Reasons Why Your Current Connection Is Slow In Kennewick

Did they promise to be one of the top internet providers in Kennewick, but you just can’t see their claims stand the test of usability? Do you suffer from constant low speeds and downtimes?

Here are some potential reasons for a slow connection:

ISP Network Congestion

New age internet connections allow multiple users to use internet access at the same time. However, network congestion is a real possibility if you and your neighbors rely on the same internet service provider. The bandwidth gets divided and internet speeds take a toll for the worst.

Our customers face no congestion issues, plus we never throttle speeds in an attempt to limit network loads. But don’t just take our word for it. Run a speed test, and be the judge.

Home Network Traffic

The internet slows down when many people within a household share an ISP. 

The best way to avoid this is to choose a service provider that provides unlimited or reasonable bandwidth. 

Data Caps

You may have landed with the best wired or wireless Internet Service in Kennewick, but there is a chance that the ISP provider has capped your data.

When you surpass that limit, speeds are significantly downgraded, and you may be charged a premium to get the same speed you know and deserve.  

Weak Wi-Fi

Is the connection on-point when you are near the Wi-Fi router and goes terrible with distance? 

Well, possibly, you have kept your Wi-Fi where other signals from devices such as microwaves, phones, Bluetooth devices, etc. are causing interference.

Try keeping your Wi-Fi device in a central location. However, it might be a better idea and the right time to invest in a device that features long-range progression if that does not work.

Outdated Devices

Slow speeds may also be the outcome of outdated devices. The IoT devices you hold may be missing an update or are too outdated to handle new-age Wi-Fi routers.

Another possibility is that your PC is malware-ridden, or you have many applications consuming a fair amount of available resources.


Turning to the best Internet Company in Kennewick may have provided you with decent bandwidth, but that’s pointless if there is high latency in the network.

Simply put, it is the time it takes your network to revert with results. High latency becomes a nuisance, especially during video calls and while gaming.

Ensure that your chosen ISP has low latency. For instance, we assure high bandwidth, no data caps, and low latency guarantee; with our strategically placed network of broadcast towers.

Things To Consider When Subscribing For A Internet Service Provider in Kennewick

Here are a few things to consider when narrowing down to the best internet service providers in Kennewick:

Type Of Internet

The type of internet connection plays a vital role in the seen speeds. You have several options to choose from, such as:

• Satellite internet

• Fiber-optic cable

• Wireless broadband intent

• DSL, etc.

The wireless internet offered by us also does a bang-up job in providing exceptional speeds. Plus, to provide better and faster services, we are investing in 5G technologies.

Availability In Your Area

What’s the point of turning to the best internet provider in your city if they offer little to no coverage in your area? This is primarily a concern for rural areas where wide-spread deployments are being worked on but there is still a lot to be desired.

Consequently, home and business owners have only a few options to choose from, most of which are either overpriced or aren’t reliable enough.Desert Winds Wireless coverage area serves many rural areas throughout Eastern Washington—whether you live in Kennewick, Othello, among many other places, we got you covered.

Required Speed

Speed matters. Whether you are a homeowner who uses the net for entertainment or to control your smart devices, or a business owner who wants no disruption in workflows—having enough speed to get things done is vital.

Those living in developed areas enjoy astounding speeds up to 1,000 Megabytes per second and more. In contrast, some users only can go with a three to six megabytes per second DSL connection. We are passionate about providing superfast internet at all times. Apart from the packages we offer, we also provide you the option to design custom monthly plans to meet all your needs. For more on this, call (509) 591-0808


As a small business or a homeowner, affording fast internet can be challenging; there should be an apparent balance between speed and price.Your pocket doesn’t allow you to get a fast internet that costs $1,000 a month. At the same time, some companies are ready to pay the premium price for reliability and speed.

Not only does Desert Winds Wireless provide affordable internet services in Kennewick, but they also rank as one of the most reliable internet services in Kennewick

For instance, our “We Care Service Plan” starts for as low as $8.95 a month, affordable, right?

Click here to request a quote, or sign up to hear our best prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Customer Service And Uptime

You would agree that connection issues always creep up at the wrong times. Regardless of how good a connection you have, sooner or later, these problems compromise the user experience for you. This is why your ISP should have an excellent support system that can get the issue resolved at the earliest.

Our CSR department is available around the clock, across the year, and our staff is trained to find the issue and get you back online as soon as possible.  For more on this, check out our customer support page.

Best Internet Company Near Me in Kennewick

Having fast internet from a reliable provider who never leaves you hanging is of utmost importance.

If you want to work with the best Internet company in Kennewick, Desert Winds Wireless is your only answer.

As the best Internet Company in Kennewick, we give it our all to provide exceptional services that meet and exceed your expectations. Check out our services, and contact us to know more.

Kennewick Internet Service Provider
Areas of wireless internet service in Kennewick


HiFi Services Now Available in Many Parts of Washington

HiFi 100

Best for Families
$ 95
  • 100 Mbit Download
  • 20 Mbit Upload

HiFi 200

Most Popular
$ 115
  • 200 Mbit Download
  • 40 Mbit Upload

HiFi 400

Best for Work from Home
$ 179
  • 400 Mbit Download
  • 100 Mbit Upload

We are always expanding and improving our network. For areas that do not have access yet to HiFi, we still offer affordable plans with honest speeds you can rely on. 

Give us a call to find out what services are available in your area. We’ll help you find a plan that’s not too big, not too small, but just right for your home. 


Best for Families
$ 49
  • 10 Mbit Download
  • 2 Mbit Upload


Most Popular
$ 59
  • 15 Mbit Download
  • 2 Mbit Upload


Best for Work from Home
$ 79
  • 25 Mbit Download
  • 5 Mbit Upload

*Save an extra $10/month with autopay!

WeCare Service Plan