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We provide fast and affordable internet options in Touchet like never seen before. With our team of dedicated locals, we offer infrastructure that helps towns thrive online with big city connection speeds from trusted local providers who care about your needs! Whether you need a solid business connection for increased revenue or want to stream videos without buffering at work meetings - high speed internet provided by Desert Winds Wireless has got it covered.   As a dedicated, local internet provider in Touchet and the greater Walla Walla county, we offer blistering internet speeds of up to 400 Mbps in your area. We keep our value proposition simple, by stripping out the limitation of data-caps and throttling to provide simple, reliable and fast internet options in Touchet, to those who demand nothing less than the 'best available internet in my area'. With contract lock-ins, you really have nothing to lose. Make the switch today by choosing from our Internet Plans below and upgrade to Desert Winds Wireless.

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Experience unbeatable service from dedicated local experts. We know Nevada!

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Decades of IT experience to keep you connected from your first to last click.

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No contracts and no hidden fees. Just high speeds and great service month-to-month.

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