Connect to 400mbps Internet Speeds in Eltopia, WA

If your search for fast and reliable internet feels like panning for gold, down your tools. Desert Winds Wireless allows you to hit the online jackpot with up to 400mbps download speeds in Eltopia. Through fixed wireless broadband, in the form of high speed internet, you can enjoy lag-free gaming and streaming content, while keeping the entire house and even your business online, at the fastest available connection speeds.   At Desert Winds Wireless, we are committed to building an ISP provider that people love and trust, with a dedicated team on the ground to get you setup and connected in no time. We take the bad bugs out of internet service offerings by removing nasty internet restriction such as data-caps, data-throttling and suffocating long-term contracts. With no long-term commitment and the opportunity to enjoy up to 400mbps internet speeds in Eltopia, your hunt for a high-speed internet plan ends here. Rethink your online coverage, with Desert Winds Wireless.

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Experience unbeatable service from dedicated local experts. We know Nevada!

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Decades of IT experience to keep you connected from your first to last click.

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No contracts and no hidden fees. Just high speeds and great service month-to-month.

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