Local Internet Service Provider in Chewelah, WA

Being a Local Internet Service Provider in Chewelah should not be limited to, switching you on to better internet speeds and leaving you to your own devices! At Desert Winds Wireless, we share a vision to create a company that simplifies its internet offering, commits to ongoing customer service, and continues to invest in the infrastructure required to bring our customers the best and most reliable internet connection in the communities we service. As a proudly local Internet service provider in Chewelah, we maintain a visible presence to deliver fast internet to our customers, without the hassle of contracts, data-caps and throttling.

Offering  superfast internet speeds of up to 400mbps download speeds to everyone in Chewelah (99109) and the greater Stevens County, we are ready to upgrade your home or business to a new and better online experience. Whether you are a casual browser, or need the clarity of 4k resolution for gaming, video calls and streaming, Desert Winds Wireless offers affordable Internet Plans to meet your current and future internet needs. Follow the yellow brick road and upgrade today

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Decades of IT experience to keep you connected from your first to last click.

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No contracts and no hidden fees. Just high speeds and great service month-to-month.

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