Desert Winds Wireless is proud to power Washington State.

Trustworthy Internet Providers in Tri-Cities

Your search for reliable and dependable internet providers ends right here at Desert Winds. We have connections that are tested and we will ensure that you get a connection that you can rely on.

Desert Winds is one of the leading names in the residential and business internet field by providing dedicated and super-fast internet services across the Tri-Cities. Relying on our blazing-fast internet speeds will surely satiate your need for a wireless, fiber-based connection.

Tri-Cities Internet Service: Who Do We Cater To?

Our internet connection is super-speedy and will ensure that every single home in the Tri-Cities area is covered and has a healthy internet speed. Most of our services are catered towards residential users who don’t have a regular working connection in their homes. No longer do you have to worry about slow downloading speeds and interrupted video calls. With the internet speeds that we have to offer at Desert Winds, you can rest assured that your job will be done.

Rely on our blazing-fast broadband technology for your home and business needs. With us being your internet provider, you will be able to perform your tasks better, without worrying about interruptions.

Enjoy Broadband Speed  

This is your chance to choose us as your internet providers in the Tri-cities area. Get lightning-fast internet speeds and work your way to the top. From downloading your favorite movies from the web to attending business meetings with crystal-clear picture quality, you have all the benefits due to our broadband connections.

We are your number one internet provider in the Tri-cities areas. Our pocket-friendly rates are offered for all the different internet types and speeds starting from 100MBPS and going all the way to 500 MBPS.

What Makes Desert Winds’s Services Special?

  • It is our goal to become the best Gigabit internet provider in your area.
  • We provide services to all the residential and business areas in your neighborhood.
  • We are here for the people and our services ensure that you get the best deals at affordable rates.

Contact us right now to experience amazing broadband connections in your area.

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