Mar 24, 2023

Why is my internet so slow? Exposing the 3 data usage culprits

Contemporary living relies on the internet for work, entertainment, communication, and information. Slow living may be a lifestyle trend, but a slow internet connection is not! Data usage options are the key players in this discussion but come with a ‘glossary’ of technological terms. Seeing the forest through the trees requires navigating the industry landscape and understanding the lingo prior to signing up with a local ISP (internet service provider). 

“Why is my internet so slow?” is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to your ISP.

Before doing a deep dive into the technical jargon you are likely to come across when investigating your data usage options, a basic big-picture understanding is a good place to start

  • GET CONNECTED: The internet is a global network that connects computers, servers and other digital devices. Internet connectivity is the process of accessing and utilizing this global network to send and receive data. 
  • STAY CONNECTED: Data refers to any digital information that is sent and received over the internet; emails, videos, music, social media posts, internet searches and browsing history etc. 

There is no need to be in the digital dark. Here is a quick-guide glossary of terms to better understand an ISP’s data usage offerings and the 3 reasons your internet speed may be frustrating you. 

Slow internet culprit #1 - Data Capping (Reached your limit?)

Data capping refers to a service provider’s imposed limit on the amount of paid-for data that can be used during a specific period. It is common practice for mobile network operators (MNOs), and some other service providers, to limit the amount of data that a user can consume to avoid network congestion and ensure enough bandwidth and optimal browsing for all their customers. This is particularly common amongst satellite internet providers. 

Once a user reaches their cap limit when it comes to their data usage package, the provider will either reduce the internet speed, charge extra or discontinue the service until the next billing cycle. This is less typical for FTTH (fiber to the home) and wireless ISPs who generally provide uncapped internet access.

Slow internet culprit #2 - Data Throttling (Peak time issues?)

If data capping doesn’t solve the question of “why is my internet so slow?” there may be another culprit! 

Data throttling -aka internet throttling or bandwidth throttling is an ISP practice that intentionally slows down the speed of a user’s internet connection once a certain amount of data has been used. This is generally defined in a contract as a fair use policy and is designed to restrict abuse of the uncapped service offering by very high-usage customers. 

The main reason for this is to prevent individual users from dominating the shared network resources to the extent that other users are subjected to a badly degraded service, especially during peak usage hours. Although this is measured in the amount of data used, these users tend to dominate the bandwidth available to all users in an unfair fashion. The ISP may radically reduce the download speed - occasionally to less than 3 Mbps to restrict access. 

An ISP can throttle any online service, from live streaming and gaming to high-definition video, downloading, and torrenting. This will have a significant impact on your browsing experience, especially when streaming videos or downloading large files. 

Slow internet culprit #3 - Data Shaping? (Feel out of control?)

Another technique to manage network traffic is data shaping (aka traffic shaping) where ISPs will selectively prioritize certain types of traffic over others

  • This is commonly used to ensure that time-sensitive data (such as video conferencing and online gaming) is prioritized over non-time-sensitive data (such as email and web browsing). 
  • Some ISPs may choose to manage congestion by ensuring that critical services (such as emergency services) are also given priority. 
  • Other ISPs may decide to prioritize video streaming traffic over file downloads to ensure users can watch videos without the frustration of buffering.
  • An ISP may shape your internet traffic to prioritize video calls over video streaming. - The UNRESTRICTED solution 

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