May 9, 2022

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet Faster

The importance of having access to fast internet in today’s society can’t be stressed enough. Especially in recent years, there’s been an emphasis on reliable, continuous internet access for several important activities such as work, schooling, and day-to-day activities.

At Rango, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of plans that fit their needs and budgets. That being said, there are definitely some steps that you can take towards upgrading your internet speed within a home or office setting. Let’s go over some of the key details of how internet speeds work, what affects your speed, and steps that you can take towards an internet speed upgrade.

What To Know About Internet Speed

We’ve already covered why having a fast internet connection is so important in our society. Your network connection’s speed directly affects how many different online tasks you take on at once, and it also determines how quickly and efficiently you can complete said tasks. It’s also an important consideration when there are multiple users that will be accessing your connection within the household.

Internet speed is measured by using Megabytes per second (Mbps), which indicates how much information can be transferred between your connection and the web each second. This is also broken into two categories:

  • Download speed, which indicates how fast you can get information from the internet
  • Upload speed, which indicates how fast you can send information to the internet

For most activities on the internet for work and entertainment purposes, it’s recommended to have a download speed of at least 25 Mbps, with a recommended upload speed of 3 Mbps. However, the speed you need depends on your internet activities.

Factors That Affect Internet Speed


This is a general term used to refer to modern, high-speed wifi access. Most connections will have received an internet speed upgrade simply by using broadband internet over the old, outdated dial-up internet connection type.


This measures the capacity of a network connection. In other words, it measures the number of frequencies your internet connection can handle at a single time. The bandwidth of your internet connection gets used up the more people are using your connection at once, and once the limit is exceeded, your internet speeds might become slower.

Megabits (Mbps)

This is the measurement of your internet speed. It represents the bandwidth of your internet connection that lets you know how much data can be transferred each second. If your Mbps is too low for your needs, you may need an internet speed upgrade.

Router Modem

This is a piece of internet hardware for private internet connections. It is what facilitates the internet connection between your devices and your network. When looking into how to upgrade internet speed, getting a new router can be a potential way to do so.

Wi-Fi Connection Point

Wi-Fi offers a wireless internet connection that allows users to connect to the internet without the use of hard wires like ethernet cables. Unless you have extensive cabling set up everywhere around your home and don’t use any mobile devices at all, you will have to use Wi-Fi to get the most out of your internet.

Benefits of Having A Fast Internet Connection

Supports Multiple Users

When you have a fast internet speed, you don’t need to worry about your bandwidth being taken up by other members of your household. By using Rango’s Hi Fi internet options, you’re sure to have the capacity you need to accommodate several internet users and still maintain a fast connection. If you frequently have multiple devices tied to your connection, a better internet plan ensures that you can remain productive when you’re online.

Stronger Signal

Lower speeds can often lead to situations where your Wi-Fi signal is slowed down and affected by your distance from your router modem. With faster and stronger internet connections, your access point will transmit its signal across a much wider range, letting you maintain internet access no matter where you are in a home.

Avoid lag and buffering issues

If you’ve ever run into the dreaded spinning circle when watching videos or streaming movies, you know that lag and buffering can be very annoying. With a Wi-Fi upgrade and faster internet speeds, you can surf the web, download and upload videos , and watch your favorite shows and movies without ever having to pause.

Ways To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet Speed Faster

Whether you use your Wi-Fi at home or within a business, you’ll sometimes feel the need to consider a Wi-Fi upgrade to make your internet speed faster. While not all of these suggestions may work for you, they’re definitely worth trying out. Here are some of the steps you can take towards upgrading internet speed.

Change The Position of Your Router

Sometimes, all you need to do is change the position of your router. A router is better positioned at a central place that is not too far from all points within a building. Naturally, the farther you are away from the router, the weaker the network signal becomes. Placing it in a central place makes the internet connection fast wherever you are in the building.

Restart Your Router

This is another simple trick that is known to solve any glitch that your network might be experiencing. It is always recommended to restart your device once every few months for it to refresh. Once you start noticing a glitch with your internet connection and it has been a while since you restarted it, you can give this trick a try, it should work.

Choose A New Wi-Fi Channel

Routers usually have two common Wi-Fi channels known as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Both of these channels offer multiple internet transmission channels that send and receive information. The amount of interference from other signals can cause interference and affect your internet speeds drastically.

By switching your wi-fi channel to one that doesn’t have a lot of traffic, you can get less interference and upgraded Wi-Fi speeds without any drastic changes.

Boost Your Network Range

You can boost your network range by ensuring that your Wi-Fi has a wider reach and capacity to take on multiple users. Oftentimes, you can improve internet speeds just by relocating your router modem to a different location that provides better coverage.

If your router is in the best position within a building and you are still experiencing slow internet, you can try devices like mesh Wi-Fi systems, Wi-Fi boosters, and powerline extender kits to boost your Wi-Fi network and upgrade the internet speed of your Wi-Fi.

Upgrade to a better plan

If you’ve tried all the alternatives but still can’t improve your internet speeds, then it might be time to consider upgrading your Wi-Fi directly with your service provider. Depending on your internet needs and requirements, you might need to switch to a plan with faster download and upload speeds, or even switch internet service providers entirely if your current plan is the best they have available.


Hopefully, these tips can help you get significant improvements to your internet speeds without much effort. But if you’re looking to upgrade your Wi-Fi and looking for a new provider, look no further than Rango.

Our Hi-Fi internet service plans come at multiple levels to suit our customers’ individual needs, and you don’t need to sign any contracts or worry about data caps. We’re looking to get our customers connected with the world, so don’t hesitate; get started with us to upgrade your Wi-Fi and make your Internet faster than ever before.

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