Feb 3, 2023

'Unplugged' - Understanding ‘HiFi internet,’ brought to you by Rango

What is ‘HiFi Internet’?

‘HiFi Internet’ represents Rango’s unique approach to connectivity in even the most remote areas. Powered by a high-speed connection that offers superior quality and reliability to the customers we proudly serve.

Specific jargon and lingo are not only par-for-the-course in most industries, but certain acronyms have meaning across industries. ‘HiFi’ is one of those terms. At Rango we have elevated the benchmark for internet connectivity in rural and underserved communities by offering our unique HiFi internet offering to our customer. Associated with qualities of high-fidelity, Rango HiFi represents the high standards which we hold ourselves accountable, with a premium service to households and businesses that only we can offer. Welcome to the new gold standard in internet connectivity.

How ‘HiFi internet’ can benefit you:

Before you care how it works, you need to be convinced of its benefits for you. The arrival of ‘HiFi internet’ is particularly good news to those living in or relocating to underserved smaller towns or rural areas where frustrating connection speeds and intermittent service have been the norm. It sets a standard for local internet service delivery.

If you have a household of multiple users with multiple devices who love gaming, watching videos on YouTube or streaming movies/series but cannot tolerate being interrupted by buffering, then a ‘HiFi internet’ connection - that can stream massive amounts of data - becomes a no-brainer.

Hifi Internet for Multi-Player Gaming in 4K Resolution

For those working from home or running a business, productivity is adversely affected by slow internet or unreliable broadband connections which will impact your bottom line and growth strategy. A ‘HiFi connection’ from Rango gives entrepreneurs the flexibility and opportunity to start up their business from ANYWHERE - even in underserved rural areas

How ‘HiFi internet’ works:

When exploring a ‘HiFi internet’ connection in your area, you should immediately think ‘Hi-Quality’ and ‘Hi-Speed.’

For an internet service to meet this standard, it would need to meet the following combination of requirements that allow for good service levels of up to 1Gbps:  

  • A download speed of >100Mbps  
  • Low latency – typically less than 20 milliseconds (Think fast loading webpages and bufferless streaming!)
  • Good reliability i.e. >99.9% availability
  • Linked to a Wi-Fi 802.11ac or 802.11ax (WiFi-5) router, or equivalent. Rango customers can also connect to Hifi internet on their own routers.

This service is typically provided over fiber (Fiber to the Home - FTTH) but can be provided over sophisticated wireless connections (used by WISPs – Wireless ISPs, and typical in rural areas). 

At Rango, we utlise a hybrid architecture model, utilising fiber for long distances to bring high-speed connections to rural towns, before transitioning to wireless at the last connection point to reach the most remote areas.  

What makes such a broadband connection solution so reliable and consistent is that it is not susceptible to electrical or environmental interferences

How Rango.net can benefit you:

Here at Rango, we are committed to meeting the above requirements and have introduced ‘HiFi internet’ as a way for you to access more reliable and faster internet, affordably. 

We are currently set up in areas in and around WA, NV and CA by investing in local ISPs and local expert teams to set up and optimize all your internet needs. Our vision and goal? To support the innovation and improvements in the industry to provide everyone in underserved areas with a better internet connection.

If you are in a Rango area, look us up. We pride ourselves on pairing friendly and transparent service with cutting-edge technology for an internet connection you can count on.

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