Jun 27, 2022

Can You Have Two Different Internet Providers in One House?

In today’s world, the importance of having a fast, reliable internet connection in our homes can not be overemphasized. From gaming during leisure to working from home, people have various uses for a good network.

Perhaps, for a more reliable connection, to avoid splitting bills with a roommate, or for several other reasons, you may feel the need to get more than one internet provider in your home. Such situations often beg the question - ‘can I have two internet service providers in one house?’.

In this article, we will go over the possibility of setting up different internet connections in your home. Can you have multiple internet providers in one house? Continue reading to find an answer to this question and other related concerns.

How Internet Service Providers Work

As you probably already know, the internet is a global network of interconnected networks. This simply means your personal computer, smartphone, WiFi devices, and so on are a part of a worldwide network - which is owned by several individuals.

Theoretically, you can connect to the internet by your own means. You would have to invest in gigantic infrastructures to connect to the core routers of the internet - the internet backbone - that run through various countries and continents.

However, if we are being honest, it would be financially irrational for anyone to go to such great lengths to connect to the internet framework just for personal use. Internet service providers, on the other hand, can afford to put up a system that links with one of the tier 1 networks in order to provide you and other users with internet access at a smaller cost.

3 Types of Internet Connection

Before we answer the ‘can you have multiple internet providers in your household?’ query, it is imperative we know the various types of internet connections. They include:

  1. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

This conventional internet connection enables you to access the internet through your telephone line. It runs simultaneously with regular telephone service, meaning you receive phone call service and internet service from the same provider. 

Although DSL is the cheapest form of internet service, it has the slowest connection, running at a speed range of 5Mbps and 30Mbps.

  1. Cable 

In this type of internet connection, coaxial cables, similar to those used in cable television, are used to keep you online. Because it has a broader bandwidth, cable internet connection is a faster and more stable option than DSL.

  1. Fibre

This connection employs the use of fiber-optic cables, and it offers internet service with a speed range between 250Mbps and 1,000Mbps. While it may not be as popular as DSL and Cable networks, it is still the fastest internet connection available.

Can You Have Two Different Internet Providers in One Home?

The simple and technical answer to this question is ‘yes, you can have as many internet providers in one home.’ However, the situation is not as straightforward as it may seem on the surface.

Setting up two different internet providers in your home can be quite complex. For instance, you may experience some challenges in fixing another internet connection if your former service provider has an agreement that prohibits your new supplier from providing their internet service in your home. Beyond this market limitation and perhaps other similar situations, you are good to go.

Moreover, since cable internet, a DSL, and a fiber network don’t use the same wiring and connections, you can always have different internet providers of these varying types in your home.

Advantages of Having Two Different Internet Providers in One Home

Now that you have the answer to your ‘can I have two different internet providers in one house?’ question, let’s look at why setting up more than one internet provider may be an ideal network solution for your home.

Below are the advantages of having multiple internet providers in your space:

  1. Stability

Having two or more internet connections in your home offers you some form of stability. So, whenever one network is underperforming, you can always switch to the other with relative ease to continue enjoying a stable network.

That said, you should pay extra attention to the configuration of various routers and switches in the internet providers to enable a smooth transition between them.

  1. Speed

Connecting your numerous electronic gadgets to the same internet provider can overburden the network, affecting its speed. 

On the other hand, operating your devices on different service providers will help reduce traffic on your networks. With this solution, you are definitely going to enjoy a seamless internet connection. 

For instance, if you spend your leisure playing games online, having a separate network for your console can help give you a smooth gaming experience.

  1. Splitting the bill

Sometimes, splitting the internet bill with your roommates or relatives can be frustrating, especially if you are not a heavy internet user and other users on the same network are.

Having two different providers will help separate internet bills in the house. Then, you can pay for the basic internet service you use over a period on one provider, while your roommate or relative can also pay for their preferred network on another.

Can You Have Two Different WiFi Routers in One House?

Can I have two internet providers in one house? From the explanations above, yes, you can. But, if you decide to stick to one service provider, you can connect it to two routers, even though a unique configuration is required to operate this system properly.

Setting up another router in your home enables you to connect more devices without causing a decline in the network’s speed. Meanwhile, a second router will broaden the range of internet availability in your house.

Furthermore, this kind of internet connection will enable network isolation. This means that when two devices connect to two separate routers, traffic on one router won’t affect the other.


Without a doubt, you should now have adequate answers to your ‘can you have multiple internet providers in your home?’ query. So, if you have the means to set up two or more internet providers in your home, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t actualize the idea.

If you are looking for an internet service provider, Rango will make an excellent choice for your home. We offer fast, reliable internet services to ensure you stay connected to the World Wide Web at all times!

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