May 16, 2023

The successful collaboration of ‘Tahoe Time’ & High-speed internet

When Mark Twain stumbled upon Lake Tahoe, he couldn’t help but put pen to paper: “As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface, I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” Our Rango crew may not include poets or writers, but we believe that, like Mark Twain, we can still make our mark. As telecom specialists, when we did our due diligence and looked at South Lake Tahoe City and its more rural location in El Dorado County, CA, we couldn’t help but be moved to action. For us, that is a pioneering vision to roll out high-speed internet to all communities in the area, especially those that are underserved.

With our introduction of high-speed internet, our mission and ongoing commitment are to improve your online connection experience in South Lake Tahoe, while deploying a visible team to assist with quick installation and any ongoing maintenance.

A connectivity boost for the tourism/hospitality industry

As one of the most popular places to visit all year round - for photography, hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, swimming, paddle boarding and mountain biking - sunny and scenic South Lake Tahoe is a tourist hotspot for those with a love for outdoor pursuits.  

high speed internet in south lake Tahoe

But many areas around Tahoe, California, are underserved; not experiencing strong and consistent broadband connectivity. The hospitality industry not only depends on fast, uninterrupted internet to sustain the nature of their work and to elevate their guest experience, but businesses seeking to compete in this tourist market and scale the seasonal nature of their short-term offering will need a technological differentiator.  

Rango’s high-speed internet - with no data capping, throttling or shaping - offers easy connectivity and a better online experience, allowing us to be one of the fastest internet service providers for all the residents in the South Lake Tahoe area.  

A boost for the hybrid/remote-working industry

The pandemic featured South Lake Tahoe as a remote working location for high-level tech executives - from Google, Apple, Tesla and Airbnb - wanting to escape the metropolitan hubs for remote working opportunities. Rango’s high-speed internet services clearly make this ‘small town’ an even more viable and sustainable option to set up a business. (The easy proximity to outdoor adventure options is just an additional lifestyle bonus.)

high speed internet in South Lake Tahoe

Furthermore, the city has also seen a recent influx of young professionals who are intent on sustaining hybrid or remote working models. And with airports only 10 - 50 miles away, running your business on ‘Tahoe Time’ means that mountain biking or canoeing before or after work can become a daily routine.  

This is the perfect fit for our Rango ISP model to service all businesses in the north-eastern tip of El Dorado County - with blazing-fast internet.  

An online boost for the real estate/rental industry

So many people are choosing to say ‘Yes’ and calling South Lake Tahoe City home. As word gets out, ‘Tahoe Time’ and ‘slow living’ has a lot to do with it, but according to Dwellics data analysis, the following pros are also compelling factors:

  • Low property tax compared to the rest of California
  • Easy accessibility to airports
  • Low hurricane risk
  • Low volcanic hazard risk
  • Religious diversity
  • Race diversity
  • Occupation diversity
  • Above-average public schools
  • All-year-round outdoor pursuits right on your doorstep

high speed internet in South Lake Tahoe

No wonder South Lake Tahoe is getting those in the know so excited.

And whether you choose to rent, buy an apartment, home (or second home) or perhaps invest in a vacation rental, saying ‘Yes’ to Rango as your South Lake Tahoe ISP will remove a major stress of settling in and setting up.  

As you sit back and enjoy ‘Tahoe Time,’ we will go the extra mile to ensure you experience reliable high-speed internet by choosing one of our no-obligation internet plans.

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