Jan 21, 2024

Short-Term Internet Solutions - Temporary Mobile Stations & Rango

Including a ‘COW’ as part of your guest list only makes sense when referencing telecoms lingo. COWs - ‘Cellular Sites on Wheels’ - are innovative short-term ‘hotspot’ solutions, ensuring everyone has high-speed data and can stay connected at an event. From live streaming a wedding to video sharing a concert from your mobile phone, COWs are gaining a large fanbase as temporary ‘moobile’ internet stations.

By leveraging COWs as a cutting-edge short term internet solution for event planners, festival attendees, sports crowds, media journalists, religious leaders, construction site developers, and even those in disaster-stricken areas, ISPs - such as Rango - are efficiently meeting temporary data needs by providing short-term, reliable and high-speed data connections.

We know you have questions. Here are some answers: 

#1 What exactly are Cellular Sites on Wheels?

COWs are portable, mobile and transportable cell towers mounted on trailers or trucks. Equipped with all the necessary networking equipment - including antennas, routers, transceivers and power generators - these mobile internet stations can be rapidly deployed to specific locations as a short-term internet solution, providing high-speed data connectivity. 

(In 2014, Glastonbury event coordinators took this innovation literally by collaborating with a  local artist to convert life-size fibreglass cows into WiFi hotspots)

#2 Why Event Planners Love COWs

Thanks to reliable connectivity, planners can guarantee consistent high-speed data coverage throughout an event; a huge drawcard to those attending. 

Thanks to customizable coverage, COWs can be strategically positioned to provide targeted data coverage in specific areas, optimizing the usage. Thanks to quick deployment and an easy setup, event planners can focus on the event while the ISP (Internet Service Provider) takes care of the temporary data connectivity needs.

There are a few key reasons why COWs - as short-term internet solutions - are used for events, concerts and festivals:

  • Flexibility and mobility: Events and festivals attract a large gathering of people in a relatively small area. COWs can be easily transported to such locations, providing the attendees seamless and high-speed data coverage.

  • Handling peak demand: During an event, data usage often peaks due to the crowds and fans sharing pictures, videos, and social media updates. COWs can handle this surge in data demand and prevent network congestion.

  • Temporary nature of events: Since events and festivals are temporary, investing in permanent infrastructure is generally not cost-effective. COWs offer a practical and efficient short-term WiFi solution for such situations.

#3 What about Short-Term Internet for Disaster areas? 

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, telecommunications infrastructure is often damaged or destroyed. COWs ‘ride in to save the day’ with quick and efficient solutions to restore communication services, aid rescue and relief operations, and keep affected communities connected. 

This short-term high-speed internet solution provides a temporary reprieve while permanent restoration takes place.

#4 What about Security and Privacy?

ISPs implement advanced encryption protocols to safeguard data transmitted over COWs, so you can rest assured that sensitive information remains secure and protected. Access to the COW network is also carefully controlled and authenticated to prevent unauthorized usage and maintain data integrity. 

Rango Internet | Getting on the ‘COW Bandwagon’

Rango - as your local ISP - continues to be at the forefront of telecoms advancement and innovation, for both permanent and short-term internet needs.  

Aside from our super-fast hybrid internet which enables us to go the extra mile into underserved and more rural areas, we are also investing in portable COWs to meet all your temporary data connectivity needs, proving to be an industry game changer in meeting temporary high-speed data needs when it matters most. If you need us at your next event, we will be there!

Contact us today to keep your next event connected with our short-term portable mobile internet solutions.

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