Apr 10, 2023

Relocating to the Washington Tri-Cities area? Rango bridges the connectivity gap

The growing influx to the Washington Tri-Cities area  - around Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland - is easily justified. Besides being renowned as an area of natural outstanding beauty (thanks to the confluence of the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia rivers converging on your doorstep), the area is fondly known as the wine capital of the west. It also boasts a vibrant community art scene, showcases a culinary fusion of flavors, and prides itself in local farmer’s markets crammed with sustainable and seasonal produce. Its magnetic pull is an invitation to live a slow life and embrace outdoor pursuits that epitomize a healthy work-life balance. 

A remote work | life balance

There's no doubt that the small-town charm and remote locations get a thumbs up, but you quickly realize you cannot take your 'big city' internet plan. You may be ready to give up the fast pace of urban living, but you are not prepared to give up a high-speed internet connection.   

Here’s the burning question: Can you get ‘big-city’ internet speeds in the more rural small-town areas of Washington? Until recently, this was a major downside of taking your remote work to a more remote location. The Tri-Cities and outer Tri-Cities areas (including Stevens County) could be considered underserved due to their physical distance from major city hubs and lack of fiber infrastructure that spans all areas. Taking the internet that ‘last mile’ has been the real challenge and this ‘connectivity gap’ has needed an innovative solution. 

Fast Internet Connectivity in the Tri-Cities Area with Rango. Ideal for New and Upgrading Residents

A remote work | life solution

Our Rango team of telecom experts recognised this gap in the market - 80 million people in the US do not have access to fast internet speeds for video calling - and sought to address the physical location connectivity gap by investing in local ISPs (internet service providers) to get everyone in these underserved areas high-speed internet connection. 

(After all, you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth; you’ve just moved west and want to keep your business running from a more remote location and still stay connected to the rest of the world). At Rango, we totally get it and are here to ‘bridge that dreaded digital divide’  

To understand exactly how we are closing the gap to bring you a high-speed hybrid internet connection over the ‘last mile,’ please read our recent blog

Here’s the good news: Rango has your bandwidth sorted in the Tri-Cities and Outer Tri Cities regions of Washington. We are going the extra mile to ensure you have high-speed internet to suit all of your live-work-play needs, no matter where you live.  

You really can stay connected and set up your home office or remote business (almost) anywhere!

Rango - Your remote work | life ISP

We may not be in the real estate market and able to offer you 3 houses to choose from, but we are specialists in the ISP market, bringing you the choice of 3 fast internet plans tailored to each household or business's connectivity specs. 

So pour a glass of Merlot or Chenin Blanc from one of the local Tri-Cities vineyards and let your friends and family know that you are safely settled in, enjoying the view and that they are welcome to visit anytime they need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Get started and say ‘hi’ to HiFi Internet from Rango. 

(Our ‘housewarming gift’ to you is a hassle-free, no-obligation service and a specialist team who are ready to advise you on the best internet package to suit your everyday needs). 

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