May 3, 2023

Finding a local Internet Provider as you settle into Carson City

Birds fly south for the winter and Americans ‘flock’ south to Carson City, NV, one of the best wintertime (and all-year-round) destinations for getaways and holidays. But the state capital is also fast becoming a firm favourite for young professionals, families and retirees who enjoy ‘big city’ conveniences with a ‘small town’ feel. One of those necessities all residents require is fast internet, and Rango is also moving into Carson City as a local internet provider with a reliable HiFi internet solution.

Our reason to invest heavily in Carson City as an internet service provider is obvious: it is a growing city that people love, and we are a growing, Nevada based, internet company that people love. (Our values are clearly fully aligned!).

With easy access to Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe, Carson City has a lot to offer those choosing to set up home or business here. But modern living requires being connected, and each resident (old or new), requires a consistently fast broadband connection to do their work, run their homes, write their travel blogs, play their online games or stay in touch with those further away.  

local internet provider in Carson city

As a local internet provider investing into Carson City and surrounding areas, a big plus in our favor is that we already possess a proven track record in Nevada in providing a premium internet experience. So, building on our foundations in Yerington, Battle Mountain and Winnemucca means we know the area and can anticipate connectivity challenges; while proactively offering bespoke internet solutions for each of Carson City’s residents.  

Our team of telecom specialists - with over 60 years combined industry experience in rolling out networks in difficult areas - have done the groundwork and are going the extra mile to ensure that communities have better internet connections - wherever they are.  

Out and about in nature – Easy, ‘on-the-go’ connectivity

With views across the Sierra Nevada mountains and Carson Ranger district, the option to ski or hike, Lake Tahoe or the desert on your doorstep, and over 300 days of sunshine a year, it is easy to see what is driving people to Carson City. Adventure, fun, neighbourhood parks and six golf courses all vie for your attention.  

With Rango as your local ISP, you have the flexibility of living ANYWHERE in the city or surrounds without compromising access to your outdoor pursuits.

  • Want a view of the golf course? Your connection is assured with Rango
  • Want a connected home in close proximity to Lake Tahoe? Rango is there.  
  • Want to live closer to mountain biking or hiking trails? Rango will come to you to bridge any internet gap.

With such opportunities beckoning you to move to Carson City, all you need to augment this work/play lifestyle is reliable, uninterrupted and super-fast internet speed from your local service provider. Rango steps in to offer exactly what you need, no matter where you choose to live.

local internet provider in Carson city

In and around town - Fast ‘all-day’ connectivity

Two middle schools, a high school and a college pin Carson City down as a family-friendly town. As a commercial hub, it also attracts young professionals. Short commute times (an average of 19 minutes) and no state income tax make this ‘oasis’ a very attractive option for retirees.  

This diversity of demographics - who all spend much of their lives connected to the internet - need a local internet provider that understands their unique and personalized business and residential requirements.  

Rango steps in with 3 high-speed packages that meets your needs.

local internet provider in Carson city

From grandparents' video calling their grandkids and teens needing to stream or game to mommy bloggers changing the world and entrepreneur closers redefining remote and hybrid work, we understand how important all-day reliable connectivity is - with no data throttling, capping or shaping - regardless of your home or business address.  

Choose Rango as your local ISP - We’ll help you settle in

Looking for a high-speed, local internet provider in Carson City that offers limitless ‘big city’ speeds, consistent broadband services and a connection you can trust? Whether you’re new in town, or expect better from an ISP in your area, your search ends here. We are already in your neighbourhood, with a premium HiFi internet plan to hook you up to, in no time!

Contact us for affordable, hassle-free and blazing-fast internet.

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