May 11, 2023

‘It's happening here’ | Rango’s internet services in Sparks, NV

There's a lot happening in Sparks, making 89431 a sought-after zip code. Just 4 miles east of Reno, the boundaries are often blurred, but this quieter neighborhood - known as a small city with BIG opportunities - is worth considering as a place to call home. Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains and on the Truckee River in Washoe County, Sparks boasts fifty parks, a marina, renowned seasonal festivities as well as a flourishing cultural, art and foodie scene; promising an urban plus adventure lifestyle without all the crowds. And the rollout of Rango’s blazing-fast, hybrid internet services is just another reason why Sparks is known as one of the top cities to live in Nevada.

Relocating your business or setting up home in another city requires a long logistical checklist. From putting down a deposit on a house/apartment or signing the lease for office space, doing your due diligence on local internet services is critical.  

So why consider Rango as your local internet service provider in Sparks?  

We are the ideal solution for all your business dynamics

Sparks has been called the ‘Rail City,’ and ‘The City of Promise.’ From a historical and present-day perspective, these labels are linked to business opportunities and economic growth. Business Hall of Fame inductee - John Ascuaga - provided Sparks with its first skyscraper, further positioning this city as a thriving metropolitan hub for setting up a business - whether in-office or WFH (work from home).  

But it takes more than an affectionate nickname and a skyscraper to be a prophet of success.

internet services in sparks

As businesses pursue digital transformation, a quality, reliable and fast internet service is a high priority and integral to all day-to-day work-related activities. An erratic connection or broadband solution, offering slow upload and download speeds, is going to negatively impact both your revenue and reputation.  

Non-negotiable factors to tick off your ISP checklist are:  


  • Availability in your area - check out which ISPs are in your local area and their reviews
  • Speed - how much bandwidth do you really need to support your work-from-home or business-related activities and the number of users on your WiFi?  
  • Price - installation, data overages, monthly package cost, cancellation fees etc.  
  • Type of internet connection - sufficient and symmetrical upload and download speeds. A more rural area will probably require a combined HiFi connection (fiber and wireless) compared to a fixed cable connection in the bigger cities.  

This is where Rango steps into the gap and goes the extra mile - literally and figuratively - to be part of keeping you connected with high-speed internet services that have no hidden costs, no interruptions and no data throttling, capping or shaping. (And what are 4 miles when you need to head into Reno for a business meeting?).

Check out our 3 obligation-free internet packages to suit your specific internet services needs in Sparks.

We are the ideal internet solution for all your family dynamics

With Sparks earning the reputation of being one of the top school districts in the state, it is no wonder families are choosing to live (and remain) here. But 21st-century home life requires an excellent connection to the internet and to the world around you.  

Rango’s cutting-edge internet services give you the flexibility to make a lifestyle choice and move to Sparks.

internet services in sparks

As a dedicated and tested rural internet service provider in Reno, our expertise now extends the 4 miles from Reno to Sparks to change the shape, speed and availability across Washoe County. We continue to invest in local Nevada communities to uplift services and offer all our customers the flexibility and accessibility they need when it comes to their unique connectivity requirements.  

Find out which of our 3 internet packages works best for your unique home (or WFH) context.

‘It’s happening’ at Rango

If you’re already a proud resident, you can vouch for our claim. Yet, if the ‘happening’ vibe of Sparks is sharply on your radar, then rest assured that Rango is ready to welcome you to ‘The City of Promise’ with an unbuffered HD connection for your everyday home, study, gaming, streaming, video calling and business needs.  

Our industry confidence means that even though you are looking to put down long-term roots in Sparks, we will not tie you down. We offer you the flexibility of no-obligation month-to-month contracts so you can try us before making a long-term ISP commitment.  


We welcome you to Sparks and look forward to hearing from you and how we can assist you with our internet services as you settle down.

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