Jan 18, 2023

Say ‘Yes’ to Rango as your local & fast internet service provider

Slow food, slow fashion and slow living are all trending lifestyle choices that reap specific rewards for the environment, remote working and our physical and mental health. Slow internet connectivity, however, does not fit this way of living. And when it comes to selecting an ISP (internet service provider) for your unique context, your personal needs deserve an ISP that offers reliable, cutting-edge technology as well as a transparent customer-service model that is focused and dependable. 

Say ‘No’ to a slow internet connection

The nature of slow living often means relocating or ‘semigrating’ to areas that are smaller and offer a quieter pace of living. But sometimes these areas do not have the same choice of internet service provider options that you would expect in big cities. And despite your dream of an idyllic country setting, you are not yet ready to go full-on, off-the-grid homestead living, (no matter your love for Marty Raney and his family)

You may be fortunate enough to have a mountain range as your backyard or a forest view from your kitchen window, but the reality is that the more rural you go, the more underserved you will find your community. 

Fortunately, thanks to the ‘Rango difference, ’ you don’t need to compromise. Our customized solutions are the answer to slow living with a fast internet service.  

So, if you are a homeschooler, a WFH (work-from-home) entrepreneur, a blogger, a vlogger, a gamer, or you simply want to stay connected to the rest of the world from the middle of nowhere, you no longer need to struggle with internet speeds that hold you back from being part of the global community. 

Say ‘Hi’ to HiFi Internet

Saying ‘hi’ to HiFi is not just a clever, music-themed tagline; it is our innovative and state-of-the-art offering of amazing internet speeds without any wires

For the techies among you, that means we use fiber-backed wireless networks that deliver market-leading speeds with resilient service. For the technically challenged, it simply means that if you are residing in, or moving to an underserviced area in WA, NV or CA, you can now access and connect to affordable, hassle-free and blazing-fast broadband. 

Say ‘Yes’ to Rango as your preferred Internet Service Provider

Relocating to a new area to run your business, work remotely, or just slow down can come with a host of stress factors. (Sorting out your internet connection doesn't need to be one of them). As a local internet service provider, you will be assisted by our team of Rango IT experts in your area who are committed to providing you with the best available internet connection where you are. 

You can trust that our team knows what they are doing. Your internet connection is designed, maintained and upgraded by a team with a combined 60+ years of experience in rolling out and operating networks in difficult environments. Pairing this expertise with premium hardware means we can promise you a consistently excellent internet experience. 

We call it ‘small-town service with big-city speed.’ And the fact that people love us as their ISP of choice is an added bonus. 

If you are looking for reliable, fast internet - without the commitment - then get started today. 

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