Sep 5, 2023

Location & Fast Internet Packages - 2 BIG Reasons to move to Reno

Nicknamed the ‘biggest little city in the world,’ Reno is making a name for itself beyond its casinos and nightlife. Nestled at the feet of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada's with the Truckee River running through it and just 22 miles from Lake Tahoe in the northwest, it’s no wonder this city is becoming one of the most popular locations to live in the American West. Add Rango’s fast internet packages in Reno to the list - changing local bandwidth shape, speed and reliability - and you have #BestSmallCity status

But it's the increase in tech companies and the growth in infrastructure that make Reno and Rango - with its high-speed internet - the ideal bedfellows.

Urban Renewal

Tattooed 30-something bartenders are making way for young professionals moving to Reno for top-paying jobs and staying for the location. Retirees are coming for the low tax incentives and scenic views, and families are choosing to relocate for the quality lifestyle that successfully combines the urban and the rural. (As part of the Washoe County School district, Reno has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Nevada).

Microsoft, Apple, Switch, Intuit, and Patagonia are all in Reno. And as a hub for technology, manufacturing and e-commerce, job opportunities for people with various skills are a big draw. (Nevada offers tax incentives to encourage companies to relocate and expand into the area).

Simply put a commitment to improving our infrastructure, a reliable connection and quick download speeds of up to 400 Mbps translate to your internet experience about to get much better with the rollout of Rango's HiFi Internet in Reno.

Breathtaking Scenery

With the desert as your backyard and mountains, lakes, parks and rivers on your doorstep, who wouldn’t want to live where hiking and mountain biking trails, ski slopes and kayaking are all up for grabs? (Plus, an average of 300 days of sunshine per year is just further motivation to call Reno home).

But life is not all play and no work; making your specific internet requirements a #1 priority when considering Reno as a destination of choice. Here, Rango steps in as your local internet provider in Reno: with no lock-In contracts and no data capping, shaping or throttling, plus high-speed bandwidth, there's never been a better time to upgrade to Rango. 

Our dedicated, local team of on-the-ground experts are not just there to enjoy the scenic backdrop but are ready to assist with a quick installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your newly turbo-charged internet packages in and around Reno.

Modern Lifestyle (with up-to-date Internet Packages in Reno, to match)

An all-year-round outdoor adventure lifestyle, an innovative art and culture hub, an exciting foodie and artisanal drink scene, as well as historic architecture and museums, create a diverse city energy. That demands an innovative ISP company ready to respond to the influx of residents with 21st-century needs by investing in your zip code with fast and unbuffered internet

As a modern lifestyle destination, Reno does not disappoint, inviting you to settle in and put down roots. Its ideal target audience is young people who want to purchase their first home or build their careers, families who wish to grow, entrepreneurs who want to set up businesses and companies who want to expand. 

The common denominator for these demographics is a fast and reliable internet connection that will not disappoint you. Rango delivers. Whether you need a solid business connection for increased revenue, want to stream videos without buffering at work meetings, or need consistent bandwidth for gaming or remote work - Rango's Hifi Internet Plans have got you covered. - Your Local Answer for the best Internet Packages in Reno and Surrounding Areas

Community, Connection and Commitment - that is where Rango is setting itself up as a Nevada force to be reckoned with. We always go the extra mile. 

Each of our hubs has a dedicated team of technical specialists to tirelessly provide you with a blazing-fast internet connection on both sides of the Truckee River. All our connections are tested and vetted, with each internet plan of ours offering the addition of a state-of-the-art router. And with no contracts, no data capping, and no throttling, you can rely on honest and fast internet packages in Reno from a team that cares. 

What we’re trying to say is you can count on Rango when you move to Reno. 

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