Jun 29, 2022

How to Reset Your Internet: 5 Easy Steps

On your visits to the doctor’s office for a check-up, there is almost always talk about getting enough sleep and how it helps keep your body functioning correctly. A hard reset is to machines, including your WiFi routers, what sleep is to you - it ensures that your internet works perfectly.

Your internet can sometimes go down for unknown reasons. When this happens, you will probably go through a rollercoaster of emotions because you don’t know how to tackle the issue. Simply resetting your WiFi is the first thing you should try when you find yourself in this situation.

From enhancing your internet speed to preventing attacks on your network, rebooting your WiFi can solve a wide range of connectivity problems. For this reason, we’ll show you how to reset your internet in this article.

Below are five easy steps to reboot the WiFi router in your home or office.

  1. Unplug the router and modem from the power source

While your WiFi router may have a built-in reset option, it is not advisable to use it because it could initiate a factory reset. Alternatively, you can simply unplug your router - and modem, if connected to the router - from all connections, including their power sources and other components.

After unplugging the router and modem, leave them for about a minute to cool off and ensure that the unit is completely disconnected from all devices previously on the WiFi network. This is the first step on how to reset the internet in your home or office.

  1. Plug your modem back in

Having let the WiFi components cool off for about a minute or more, you can proceed to connect the modem back to its power source. Always remember to plug in the modem before any other WiFi gadget.

Upon connecting the modem to a power source, allow a minute to start up completely. Don’t proceed to the next step until all the modem’s lights steadily glow. 

It is essential to mention that if your modem and router are parts of one unit, you should just skip this entire step.

  1. Connect the router back to its power source - and the modem

After your modem is up and running, it is time to plug the router back into it, a power outlet, and other essential components. Now, give your router a few minutes to establish a connection with the modem and start broadcasting WiFi signals once again.

Like the modem, your router will probably display blinking lights upon plugging it in. To confirm the router has powered up fully, the unsteady lights become stable or may even change to a different color.

  1. Update your firmware

The firmware is an integral software that ensures your router keeps working. Updating this software can be an essential step on how to reset your internet. 

Indeed, the router firmware upgrades itself every now and then, especially when it notices a significant security issue. However, the software doesn’t go through an update as often as it should, leaving your router vulnerable at times. 

So, when trying to reset your WiFi, you should consider downloading the latest suite of router firmware. And to carry out this operation, you will need your router log-in details.

You can use an app or the router’s administrator site to look up the new firmware and download it. When you are logged in on the administrator site, find and select the option that reads ‘Router Update,’ ‘Firmware Update’ - or anything along the lines of these words. 

It is important to stress that you can’t use the WiFi network while your router installs a new firmware patch. So, try to ensure the unit stays on and avoid using it during the software update. Luckily, the entire process should be complete in no more than five minutes.

That said, in case the firmware update causes your router to return to factory default settings, you can contact your internet service provider to find help setting it up again.

  1. Update any related apps

Several routers in today’s market have mobile apps that enable you to control and manage the unit’s settings. Although it may seem like an insignificant step on how to reset internet, upgrading the router’s apps can help you stay up-to-date with the process of rebooting your network.

How to Reset Your Internet Remotely

What if you cannot unplug your router and carry out all the other instructions above? If you can’t access your WiFi physically, you should try a remote internet reset.

For several WiFi routers, one can reboot them using the manufacturer’s website. However, if you are going to use this method for your wireless unit, you must know the public IP address of your router. 

With this address, you can easily find the administrator site of your router. Having found the web page, you will be required to sign in with your unit’s log-in information. Once you are in, search for the word ‘reboot’ till you find the right reset option.

Remember, it is easy to confuse the full factory reset option for a simple reboot. So, watch out and make sure you choose the correct choice for a simple reset.

How Often Should You Reset Your Internet

It’s expected that you don’t consider giving your internet a hard reset until it starts acting out, but that shouldn’t be the case. In fact, you should endeavor to reboot your WiFi every two months.

Resetting your internet routinely will ensure that it consistently functions at a high level. Moreover, it is an effective way to protect your network from malware attacks. 

If you are rebooting your internet due to a malfunction, and it is still not working well, perhaps you might want to try out other troubleshooting solutions for WiFi.


Resetting your WiFi router is a quick and easy process that should be carried out routinely. By following the above steps on how to reset your internet, you should rarely have any problem with your WiFi network. 

However, if you keep having these issues with your internet service provider, you should try Rango. We offer lightning-fast internet solutions to meet your home and business needs.

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