Jun 28, 2022

How to Extend WiFi Range Outside: Beginners Guide

Everyone knows that you throw the best barbecue parties in your neighborhood. The music is great. The ambiance is electrifying. There is plenty of meat, sausages, and corn cobs on the grill to go around. But then, you notice something’s missing - people cannot use their phones because of a poor internet connection.

Now, you are trying to identify the cause of the issue as you know the internet service in your home is very fast and stable. So, what is the problem? This situation and many other scenarios may leave you wondering how to broaden your network range outside your home. 

While some may argue that using WiFi repeaters is the best way to extend WiFi outside, others are convinced that setting up a cable will provide the perfect solution for their poor WiFi signal outdoors. Why not continue reading to find out the suitable one for you?

This article will discuss the different ways to improve your WiFi’s reach outside your home.

6 Beginner Tips for Extending WiFi Range Outside

The beauty of a WiFi network is that it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. However, to ensure you have a seamless internet connection outside your home or office, there are various tips to follow, and some of them include:

  1. Choose a correct location for your router

When you experience a slow or unstable network connection, you instinctively move closer to your WiFi router or access point (AP). As a result of your closer proximity to the network, your internet service may improve significantly - such is the importance of distance in terms of WiFi range. Correct positioning is probably the best way to extend WiFi outside and around the house.

While most WiFi routers broadcast network signals in all directions, it is still essential for you to place the AP in the right position at home. Ordinarily, the center of your house is the ideal position for your router. This allows the equal distribution of WiFi signals inside and outside the home.

However, if you are trying to extend the WiFi range to a particular spot outside the house - perhaps the yard or the garage, simply placing your AP at the center of the home may not cut it, as the wireless signals may weaken due to numerous obstacles in their path.

In any case, try positioning the router in a good location - closer to where it is most needed - and you will be enjoying a stable connection outside your home.

  1. Use the right equipment

Are you sure you are using the appropriate WiFi device for your internet connection? In fact, employing the correct equipment may not be enough, as it is also essential you ensure the correct number of gadgets are connected. This tip is specifically helpful if you are trying to extend the WiFi range in your workplace. 

There are several types of WiFi routers and gadgets on the market today. Some devices can support the connection of several gadgets simultaneously while offering a relatively low bandwidth. The point is that different WiFi equipment has varying features and characteristics. So, when buying WiFi equipment, ensure it is suitable for your office’s connection needs. 

Furthermore, the amount of the required WiFi equipment primarily depends on your office scale, the number of devices that are going to be connected, and the type of work you and your colleagues do. In essence, the correct number of APs will sufficiently support the devices in your office and ensure they enjoy a stable internet connection.

  1. Avoid using WiFi extenders

WiFi extenders, also known as WiFi repeaters, are devices used to broaden the network coverage in your home to farther lengths. When connected to the AP, repeaters function by picking up your existing WiFi signal, boosting it, and then broadcasting the amplified signal.

However, extenders are not efficient for improving the WiFi range outside your home. In fact, it often leads to the creation of new unnecessary networks, which interfere with one another, causing the internet connection around the house to be unstable. 

Although a centralized system for managing the network can help tackle this issue, it may be ideal to avoid using WiFi repeaters altogether.

  1. Outdoor access point

Using outdoor APs is how to extend WiFi range without extender. So, if you need a reliable internet connection by the pool, in your yard, or somewhere outside your home, you can set up a different WiFi AP there. 

Using a unified management system, you can control multiple WiFi access points in your home. Unsurprisingly, outdoor WiFi APs are pretty different from indoor ones, especially in cost. Nevertheless, they are the only recommended APs to extend your WiFi range outside.

  1. A unified management system

If you are looking for how to extend the WiFi range outside your home or office, you should consider installing a unified management system. It lets you control all wireless networks - at work or home - as a centralized network.

The presence of a unified management system will ensure all your WiFi extenders and access points send out the same WiFi signals, allowing you to switch from various networks seamlessly as you move around in your home or office. 

Moreover, this system lets anyone easily integrate new APs into your space’s internet connection.

  1. Use Cable

You may be wondering how it is possible to use a cable to broaden a wireless network. Interestingly, it is feasible and, in fact, one of the best ways to improve a network’s reach outside a building. Here is how to extend WiFi range with another router with cable:

Firstly, check if your existing router has a free Ethernet port. If it does, simply connect it to the new router using an Ethernet Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. Then, place the new router anywhere outside your home where you need a fast and reliable internet connection. 

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, being able to enjoy a stable internet connection outside the house is a blessing. With the various tips mentioned above, you can be sure of finding the best way to extend WiFi outside your home or office.

Your home and workplace deserve a reliable, lightning-fast internet connection. So, feel free to contact us at Rango for quality broadband and Hi-Fi connections in your home or office.

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