Jan 20, 2023

High-Speed Internet - Unleashing the Superpowers of Rango.net

If you are looking for a broadband connection, then Rango’s ‘superpowers’ - reliability and speed - will give you the edge. And before you raise a cynical eyebrow thinking it is a matter of marketing semantics, we have the facts to support our claim. (More on that shortly).

Every ‘superhero’ tale has a backstory, and for Rango.net, it is simple; perceiving a significant gap in the market - est. 80 million US citizens do not have fast internet access for basic video calling and streaming and no strong local ISP (internet service provider) to meet their needs. 

Most internet users want consistent and reliable ‘big city’ high-speed internet even in small towns and rural areas (where other big city options are in short supply)

A fast internet connection is a quintessential 21st-century need and should not be affected by your location. From running a business or studying online to running a home or gaming, where you live should not determine the efficiency of your connectivity to the internet. 

As a ‘local’ internet service provider, our pioneering vision means we are going where the ‘big guys’ have often not gone before. The setting for our success story begins in several underserviced areas in WA, NV and CA, but with ambitious rollout plans to extend to more states. (Watch this space).

Our ‘superhero’ mission is simple: we will come to you and build it for you. (We almost feel like breaking out into Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act rendition of “I will follow you, wherever you may go”).

high-speed internet

But seriously, we don’t need capes; just state-of-the-art art technology and a  customized solution to reach you - with unrestricted, high-speed internet- where you are; be that in a desert, on a mountain, trekking through a forest, or nestled in a sleepy little town. 

The Innovative edge

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, but Rango’s innovative edge comes with technology that will change your user experience - specifically in underserved areas - and eliminate the impersonal and one-size-fits-all frustrations of BIG national networks. Rango is in your community, using local fiber-backed networks and tailoring that to meet your unique broadband internet needs. 

The Technical edge

Our team of telecom engineers has extensive experience in rolling out wireless broadband networks in challenging areas. They assess the lay of the land (literally) and have leveraged a mix of technologies: wireless options that provide reach and fiber options that provide capacity for high-speed internet in your area.

The Financial edge in High-Speed Internet

This offering is two-fold:

  1. We remove restrictions to offer you unlimited online possibilities

While many ISP offerings look blistering-fast on paper, users can come stuck in the restrictions that are often lost in the fine print of your Terms of Service. Moreover, they can be implemented at sudden notice, leaving you blindsided and unable to make the most of your internet connection. As a valued Rango customer, you enjoy the speeds you pay for-  without the nasty surprises of data capping, shaping, or throttling.

  1. You get super-fast internet speeds at an affordable rate with no long-term commitment. (Just have a look at our HIfi internet plans with transparent pricing). Our affordable plans serve a wide variety of needs - from gaming and remote working to running and growing your own business. Many of our Internet Plans offer month-to-month solutions and can be upgraded or canceled at short notice. 

The Competitive Edge 

This all translates into a competitive edge that is hard to ignore. We may not (yet) offer the same vast network coverage as some nationwide providers, but that doesn’t deter us. Our mission is to bring an amazing internet solution to underserved communities and make a difference in the communities we serve. 

Let’s consider a simple but helpful Tri Cities, WA comparison:

The Challenge

  • In Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, the throughput on 4G services (although signal varies across the coverage area) cannot consistently match that of wireless ISPs (WISPs) with average download speeds of 38Mbps and upload speeds of 7Mbps. For 5G, the download speeds average 109Mbps with average uplink speeds of 14mbps (4G and 5G average speeds from Opensignal App on 01/13/2023). There is a real difference between 4G and 5G service in terms of throughput but these signals depend on the signal level where you are at the moment and not specifically at your premises. Signal strength, especially in 5G also degrates quickly as you move away from a service tower and even more when you go indoors, you know, where you stream movies and use the internet.

Our Solution 

  • With Rango.net’s HiFi (wireless) high-speed and highly affordable internet plans (no contract options, no data caps, and no throttling). you get a consistent and reliable download speed ranging from 100 - 400 Mbps and a 20 - 100 Mbps upload speed which is more than adequate for all your 4K video and gaming needs, with several users online concurrently.

So, our ‘small-town service with big-city speeds’ tagline is also our commitment to servicing all our customers in the underserviced areas in Southern and Eastern WA, Northern NV and Eastern CA.

But our competitive edge extends beyond technical innovation and speed. Our customized and personalized solutions directly to you and for you, are what set us apart from 4G/5G operators who provide regional or national coverage across a wide area, that varies across time and area.  

When you are living in or relocating to a semi-urban or rural area in WA, Northern NV or Eastern CA and speed is of the essence, there is only one ISP to consider for dependable, quality and high-speed internet: Rango.net 

Contact us right now to connect to trustworthy high-speed broadband connections in your area.

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