Mar 8, 2023

High-speed internet packages for LIVE | WORK | PLAY

Unless you're a lone ranger or happen to be stranded on a remote island, you're likely to need internet packages that offer at least 50Mbps download speeds to service a household with multiple users working and/or learning from home on multiple devices and relying on other internet-related activities. High-speed internet deals come in all shapes and sizes and should be tailored to your maximum consumption needs. While exceptionally few households require gigabit internet to run an enterprise in their basement, we all need and deserve reliable, high-speed internet that satisfies the entire household’s online activities. 

Not sure what you need? We have categorized various speed thresholds that meet the online demands of different households while outlining our  Rango internet packages and monthly plans that can meet (and exceed) your internet needs without dropping you at the last second. 

Find out which of our 3 internet packages works best for your unique home or business context:

50mbps -The bare minimum for a connected family.

A package offering 50Mbps download (DL) speeds (and above) and up to 20Mbps upload (UL) speed and is just right for small to medium-sized households where 2-3 devices require internet access. (Please note that an average speed of 50-60% of the maximum speed is typical during peak hours). 

What We Offer:

Rango’s HiFi 100 fast package is suitable for:

  • Fast Cloud computing (e.g. Dropbox, Google Docs, MS One Drive)
  • 2-3 Home and WFH (work from home) individuals
  • Video streaming in  HD resolution (e.g. Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube) for 2-3 simultaneous users 
  • Video chat (720p - 1080p)
  • Online meetings (small number of participants - realtime)
  • Online gaming

100 mbps - Internet package for work, play and serious streaming


For small businesses, guesthouses or homes with multiple users studying or working from home that require multiple Wi-Fi hotspots, this is the package that is just right for you. Comfortably servicing 4-6  devices, you can expect up to 100Mbps DL speed and up to 20 Mbps UL speed.

What We Offer:

Rango’s HiFI 200 super-fast package is suitable for:

  • High-speed Cloud computing (e.g. Dropbox, Google Docs, MS One Drive)
  • Home and office use
  • Video streaming - 4K (e.g. Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube) for 4-6 simultaneous users
  • Video chat (1080p - multiple)
  • Online meetings 
  • Online gaming

200mbps + : The premium connected experience

If you are running a large home or a home-based enterprise of 6+ devices where multiple Wi-FI hotspots are needed or a SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) Network application is required with multiple and simultaneous users with similar user profiles look for internet download speeds no lower than 300mbps. 

This is particularly pertinent for video calling and applications where users may upload files and data regularly as the upload speed (which is less impacted during peak times) is increased to 100Mbps with this package.

If your large home or SOHO needs more upload and download speed, your household/SOHO users will let you know! Just watch them at work!

What We Offer:

Rango’s HiFI 400 blazing-fast package, the grande cappuccino of our internet deals,  is suitable for:

  • Ultra-fast Cloud computing (e.g. Dropbox, Google Docs, MS One Drive)
  • Office communication
  • Video streaming - 4K (e.g. Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube) for 7-15 simultaneous users
  • Video chat (HD - multiple)
  • Online meetings (large number of participants - realtime)
  • Online gaming

Need even faster Internet? Talk to Us and we can connect you to the next level of online possibilities

If any of the above fast internet options still fails to meet your specific internet usage requirements, worry not. Talk to our team today, to custom create an internet package that can cater to your family and business needs, and get connected to the best available internet in your area.

Rango - as easy as 1-2-3

There you have it! Choosing an internet package to suit your daily household, business, or specific requirements is as easy as 1-2-3 with’s affordable plans specially curated to serve a wide variety of needs - from gaming and remote working to running and running growing your own business. 

Get reliable and fast internet without the commitment - no contracts, data caps, or throttling. Just super-fast internet, for as long as you need it, from a local team who cares. 

Get connected. See if Rango is available in your area.

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