Apr 13, 2023

How high-speed internet allows you to live your best life in Nevada

What do Gardnerville, Battle Mountain, Winnemucca and Yerington have in common? Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in the desert), the obvious answer is they are all more rural areas in the state of Nevada. But this is not a travel blog, so there must be a better answer. There is. Rango - you will find us on this map - is the common denominator and is going the extra mile to give you access to the most reliable, high-speed internet in Nevada (and surrounding states).  

Speaking solely from a bandwidth perspective, Rango is going where no others have gone before.

Our ‘western’ pioneering vision is to bring affordable, high-speed internet into the more underserved and rural areas of Nevada - fondly nicknamed the Silver State, Battle Born State or the Sagebrush State. (Just these names are enough to get you packing your bags). And with a specialist team that has decades of experience,in the telecoms industry,  we are getting this right. 

Staying connected - even in 'small town' Nevada

The allure of relocating to a small rural town in Nevada has always been tempered by pragmatic reasoning. Your heart needs no convincing - it is hard not to fall under the spell of the expansive desert sunsets and rugged mountain ranges - but your sensibilities caution you with the following head questions: 

  • Can I run my business from a more remote location?
  • Can I sustain a hybrid work model in one of Nevada’s off-the-beaten-track locations?
  • Is there a local ISP offering access to high-speed internet in an underserved area?

When you add Rango HiFi internet to the equation, the answers, to the above are, ‘Yes, yes and yes!’ 

Rango is trailblazing its ‘big city,’ 'blazing-fast internet' services to the more rural Nevada locations of Gardnerville, Yerington, , Battle Mountain, Winnemucca, and further afield. And with no capping, throttling or shaping, you can slow down, live your best life and still stay up-to-speed with the rest of civilization. 

It’s all about a holistic work-life balance which is now within your reach in rural Nevada. And with Rango as your local ISP partner, staying connected - with 3  high-speed internet package options - and moving west becomes a sure thing rather than a gamble (pun intended). 

(We also offer fast internet options in the Reno Metro area if you are not yet ready to completely leave the big city lights behind). 

Staying connected - with Rango in ‘rural’ Nevada

If you are looking to call Nevada home and still want to run your business, work remotely, stay in contact with friends and family ‘back East,’ or keep gaming, then you have hit the jackpot with Rango. (Once again, pun intended). 

We bring the best fiber-based and wireless internet services to your neighborhood, from Carson City to Battle Mountain, while also providing fast internet for homes and businesses in Winnemucca. And as you settle into a rhythm of life where ‘everyone knows everyone’ in ‘rural’ Nevada, it makes sense that Rango - as your local ISP - will quickly become one of these small-town relationships. 

  • Need a residential connection? Rango has you covered. 
  • Setting up your business? Rango will come to you. We even have custom plans and can help design your internal network.
  • Require 4k video streaming with no interruption on multiple devices? Rango keeps you entertained. 
  • Want a fast, video-calling internet solution? Rango ensures you stay connected.

We said this was not a travel blog, but one cannot help but be tempted by Nevada’s rough natural landscapes, scenic diversity, snow-capped mountains, miles of endless sagebrush and the mysterious whispers of the low desert plains. 

So, make the move west, because whatever your specific bandwidth needs, Rango delivers high-speed internet - from the bustling hubs of Reno to the remote ‘small town’ areas of Nevada.

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