Nov 2, 2023

Next-Generation High-Speed Internet arrives in Connell - Rango

Residents in and around Connell, WA, can significantly boost their internet connectivity as Rango expands high-speed internet service. With our commitment to bridging the digital divide and providing reliable internet access to remote and underserved communities, Rango aims to transform the lives of those living in Connell and those looking to relocate to this vibrant rural community. 

The Appeal of Living in Connell, WA

Several factors will always influence the decision to change zip codes, and topping the list in Connell’s favour is its surrounding natural beauty and serenity, a sense of community, an affordable cost of living, its proximity to parks, trails and outdoor activities, access to quality schools, and a strong local economy. 

But up until now, there was one box that needed to be adequately ticked: the availability of reliable, high-speed internet. 

Thanks to Rango’s extensive investment, upgrade, and service rollout into Washington State, Connell is now on the map as a small town celebrating ‘slow living’ but with ‘big city’ superfast internet speeds.

With the arrival of Rango in Connell, households, businesses, farmers, healthcare services, hospitality industries and educational facilities can all reap the 21st-century benefits of enjoying seamless communication, unbuffered streaming and uninterrupted remote work. That’s all a result of Rango’s cutting-edge HiFI offering, which is changing the digital landscape in rural and underserved areas.

The Importance of High-Speed Internet

Access to high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity - no matter where you live. And when it comes to more remote areas, like Connell, Rango’s team of telecom experts has taken up the challenge, improved its existing speeds, and is intent on going the extra mile with its hybrid offering. 

The availability of reliable and high-speed internet connectivity plays a vital role in:

  • Driving economic growth 
  • Empowering education 
  • Facilitating telecommuting and remote work 
  • Enhancing accessibility to healthcare services 
  • Staying connected with friends, family, and the global community
  • Opening new avenues for education and learning, enabling students of all ages to access online resources, remote learning opportunities, and virtual classrooms. 
  • Empowering individuals to work from home, fostering economic opportunities and reducing commute times.
  • Facilitating access to telemedicine and virtual healthcare services, ensuring that residents in remote areas can receive quality medical care without the need for extensive travel

Rango now brings this (and more) to Connell with an upgraded high-speed internet experience for homes and businesses. So changing your zip code to 99326 might just be the change you are looking for. 

The Local impact of Rango

Rango’s expansion of high-speed internet service to Connell marks a significant milestone in bridging the digital divide in the more remote and underserved areas of Washington state. And when it comes to enhancing connectivity in Connell, Rango has ticked all the boxes and is the frontrunner in ensuring your unique bandwidth requirements are all met. 

With Rango’s specialist teams on the ground, you are assured of lightning-fast Internet speed, a reliable and stable connection, comprehensive service packages, cutting-edge technology and equipment, and dedicated customer support. Choose from a variety of internet plans that are designed to cater to every household or business’s different requirements. 

So upgrade today and transform the quality of your internet connectivity.  

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