Feb 15, 2023

Looking for a fast internet plan? 3 Important factors to consider before deciding

Freedom of choice is a basic human right and an important part of our way of life. And choosing a fast internet plan to suit your home or business needs is quickly becoming a strategic lifestyle consideration. The average person makes around 35,000 decisions a day. Brain strategies in making these daily choices differ from person to person, but the innate motivation is to create an optimal and personalized outcome for each individual. 

From ice cream flavors to internet plans, there is no one-size-fits-all. At Rango, we have embraced this reality and tailored our broadband internet offering to suit individual contexts and locations. Each of our customers - currently in underserved areas around WA, NV and CA - has specific minimum requirements when it comes to connectivity. We offer reliable, high-speed internet (2 of our superpowers) and 3 internet plans that suit individual needs. 

Whether you’re new in town and looking for the best internet service provider in your area or demand better customer service and connection speeds than what you are currently getting, consider the following criteria for better internet. 

internet plan for a residential household

3 Factors to consider before choosing an Internet Plan

The size of your household or business and your various devices and activities will determine your internet speed. A larger household and the number of heavy internet activities will require a faster speed.

  • Double up: The up-front advertised speeds of an ISP are usually through a fixed fiber connection. It is worth noting that these speeds can drop by about 40-50% during peak periods and are also affected by your Wi-Fi devices and configuration.

    Choosing a wireless ‘HiFi internet’ package that offers faster internet speed than the minimum you think will help to mitigate some of these frustrations. 

  • Divide and conquer: The minimum recommended speed is for a single heavy user (or 2-3 concurrent users), but most homes and small businesses have multiple devices that require high-speed internet for video calling, gaming, and streaming purposes (i.e. If you have a 100 Mbps connection but two devices operate concurrently, that bandwidth will be split among the devices, with each device getting speeds up to 50 Mbps, depending on the application).
  • Do the math: With internet speeds typically shared among multiple users and devices, a basic rule of thumb is to allocate 20Mbps to each device that is likely to be used at the same time, e.g. smartphone scrolling + streaming Netflix + video calling + online gaming (taking into account usage patterns of individuals/devices)

internet plan

Rango’s bespoke internet plan offerings

At Rango, we pride ourselves on offering the ‘ice-cream parlor’ of internet plans for rural and underserved communities who need to satisfy their craving for high-speed internet. Free of data capping, shaping, or throttling (and available as flexible month-to-month contracts), we offer up to 400mbps of blistering download speeds backed up by a local team in your area to support you pre- and post-installation. 

Check Hifi Internet availability in your area and contact our team today to get connected to a better internet experience.

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