Oct 23, 2023

The Differences between Residential & Business Internet Needs

On a personal and professional level - from streaming a series to conducting crucial business operations - having a reliable internet connection is paramount. However, the type of internet service you require can significantly impact your experience and will differ depending on whether you're a homeowner seeking residential internet or a company in need of strong and reliable business internet solutions. 

There are distinct features and reasons behind the different solutions offered when choosing between residential and business Internet. To make an informed decision and understand why you need what you need, it’s helpful to know why business internet often demands more tailored, premium offerings than households.

Residential Internet - Simplified Connectivity

Your household demands are the determining factor as to the threshold you will need to meet your daily online requirements. Fast and reliable internet is always a priority, but you do not want to pay for what you do not need. Your peak times are commonly in the evening - after a work or school day - and may generally include activities such as gaming, streaming, video calling, emailing, and social media scrolling. 

Simply put, residential internet plans are designed to cater to the needs of households and are structured based on the number of online users and the expected internet consumption, as well as the times when most of the family are at home and actively using the internet.

An ISP offering residential internet requirements will ideally be committed to the following:

  • Consumer-centric services - Providers of residential internet will put their customers first by prioritizing ease of use and affordability. Their packages are generally straightforward and user-friendly, making them accessible to the average homeowner. 
  • Standardized features - Residential internet packages usually offer standardized features such as Wi-Fi connectivity with family controls, and basic customer support.
  • Clear-cut packages - Residential internet offerings are typically categorized into different speed tiers, making it easier for consumers to choose a plan that suits their individual online activities.

Business Internet - Beyond Basic Connectivity

A business’ productivity cannot afford to be affected by inconsistent or slow internet. Unlike a household - whose internet time demands are based on the pattern of household behavior (often peaking in the evenings) - businesses operate during normal working hours. This requires an uncontended connection (a dedicated internet connection not shared with any other users) that is sustainable and consistent throughout all employees’ work shifts.  

A company’s reputation and service offering is dependent on uninterrupted, super-fast internet access and the following particular non-negotiables:

  • Customized requirements - Businesses have varying needs when it comes to internet connectivity. Some businesses prefer to have static IP addresses and specific Wi-Fi controls, or they may need a Wi-Fi solution that covers multiple buildings and remote devices like cameras or sensors. 

  • Reliability and uptime - Unlike residential users, businesses cannot afford prolonged outages. Business internet ISPs provide higher uptime guarantees and backup solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations.

  • Enhanced security - Businesses deal with sensitive data that requires advanced security measures. Business internet plans often include robust features such as firewalls, encryption, and threat detection.

  • Scalability and flexibility - As companies grow, their internet requirements evolve. Business internet services offer scalability, allowing companies to easily upgrade their bandwidth as demand increases.

  • Dedicated customer support - Business internet subscribers have access to priority customer support, ensuring that technical issues are addressed promptly to minimize any disruptions or operational downtime.

Rango’s Internet packages - The Best of both Worlds

The Rango tagline - ‘Small city service, big city speeds’ - is a commitment to HiFi Internet Plans that cover a wide range of speeds and capabilities to fit both residential and business internet needs. 

  • We are Local - Our customers are assisted by a team of passionate IT experts, and many of them grew up where they serve. They are committed to providing you with the best customer service and the best internet connection around. We are also bridging the gap and going the extra mile to bring reliable internet to underserved and rural areas, because we know what it’s like to be unserved. (Add your zip code to see if we have arrived in your area).
  • We Keep you Connected - Your internet connection is designed, maintained, and upgraded by a team with decades of network experience. We pair this expertise with premium hardware to ensure that your internet works straight out of the box and tailored packages that meet your unique demands.

If you require reliable business internet or residential internet that will exceed your expectations (but not your budget) then contact us today. 

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