Jul 14, 2023

4 Non-negotiables to meet your specific Business Internet needs

Choosing an ISP is vital to successfully running any SME or high-level enterprise. The bottom line is that a business will always require greater bandwidth and better quality capacity than the average household. Evaluating the business internet speed needed to fit your business type is key to enabling sufficient seamless operations, irrespective of your location. All variables must be considered, including the number of employees requiring simultaneous digital access and the upload and download speeds necessary for specific digital tasks in that specific business. 

High-speed internet access is crucial for businesses to allow all employees to work online - on numerous devices - simultaneously without falling prey to buffering, data shaping, capping or throttling that can affect your bottom line!

Businesses have unique internet requirements that go beyond basic web browsing and streaming. And in a highly competitive digital landscape, a reliable and robust internet connection is crucial for any business to connect and thrive.

When choosing an ISP to meet your needs, key differentiators will always set business internet apart from residential internet plans. (Being familiar with these will ensure that the internet package you select is the perfect match for your growing venture). 

#1 Business Internet requires Greater Bandwidth

Measured in Mbps (megabits per second), bandwidth is an internet connection’s maximum capacity over a specified time. In theory, this means that the higher the Mbps, the faster the internet speed. But it is not as simple as that. Factors such as the number of people in your office simultaneously using the network and your unique office-related activities and demands will all influence the internet speed. 

A reliable and uninterrupted high-speed internet connection is necessary to efficiently handle large file transfers, video conferencing, cloud-based applications, and other data-intensive tasks. 

Operating ‘big-city’ speeds is non-negotiable, even if you are running your business from a more rural or remote location. 

#2 Reliable Uptime

An uninterrupted internet connection is another non-negotiable as ‘downtime’ can be detrimental to any business’ productivity. Business internet plans often come with SLAs (service level agreements) that guarantee a certain level of uptime. This is where an ISP prioritizes its business customers over residential customers, ensuring low contention, quick response times and efficient issue resolution to minimize potential disruptions. 

An ultra-reliable internet connection is necessary if a business works with real-time data. Most applications, like saving a file to the cloud or downloading an article, do not need real-time access, as a few seconds delay is barely noticeable. Still, some primary applications (such as cyber-security) need monitoring systems in real-time, meaning that a consistently high level of availability is a must.  

#3 Dedicated Business Internet Customer Support 

Businesses depend on a quality internet connection for their ‘bread and butter.’ A reliable and reputable ISP will typically offer business internet plans that include customer service commitments to meet the needs of the business. Should a connectivity issue arise, it needs to be resolved promptly, minimizing any negative impact on business operations.

An experienced ISP understands the critical nature of reliable internet for businesses providing on-the-ground and round-the-clock technical assistance support. 

#4 Custom Design

One of the key advantages of a business internet option is the opportunity for tailored solutions. An ISP can offer bespoke and custom options based on the specific requirements of their business clients. This will also include you, as the business owner, having a say in the configuration and setup of your bandwidth connection. 

This collaboration between an ISP and a business owner is a significant factor in aligning with your unique needs and team size and catering to your business objectives.

You may have specific requests that involved the following:

  • Multiple static IP addresses
  • Advanced security measures
  • Specialized hardware

Customizing a business internet setup allows any business - from hospitality to mining - to optimize its online operations and create a more efficient and secure digital environment. 

Rango.net | Big-City Speeds, Anywhere

At Rango, we are on a mission to change the landscape of high-speed internet - regardless of the geographic location of your business. Our current business internet solutions are designed to provide our customers with an uninterrupted and reliable connection from Nevada and California to Washington’s Tri-Cities area. (But our network rollout keeps expanding, so watch this space!).

We are committed to going the extra mile to keep you connected with the highest quality and fastest internet speed available - no matter where you choose to reside or set up a business,  

With no credit checks, flexible contracts, no data capping, throttling or shaping, and no hassles, you can trust your business internet connection to us.

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